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The Makropulos Affair. Conductor Ondrej Olos Director Yannis Houvardas. PREMIERE 20 MAY 20, 23, 25 May 20th Century Cycle / Janáček Cycle. The Makropulos Case. The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over years and yet she doesn’t look a day past Now that the magical elixir . At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried as deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

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The Makropulos Case

She asks that the hotel room be re-arranged to resemble a court room, and asks for time to dress. Emilia expresses interest in the case of Gregor v. Everyone had shivers down their spines. This production is made possible, in part, by: Sir Charles MackerrasWiener Staatsopernchor chorus master: Now that the magical elixir granting her eternal youth is wearing off, can she seduce her way to immortality?

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. I can’t fault the performances are exceptional, Victor Braun characterises splendidly and Kim Begley sing with a strong unstrained tone.

Nadja Michael Revealed The German soprano is one of today’s most alluring singing actresses. Emilia finally offers it to Kristina, saying that this formula will allow her too to become a great singer, and to live for years.

The subject of this opera is closer to science fiction as it tells the story of a woman who, thanks to the elixir of life, has been on the earth for more than three hundred years. At first he was very sceptical, mainly due to the conversational nature of the play, which was not particularly poetic. Emilia tells him Eugenia is not dead, and in Spanishcalls him by a pet name and asks him for a kiss. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. This opera is a study in how music transforms words, making even a prosaic text resonate.

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After a while he returns with Gregor’s court rival, Jaroslav Prus. However, she asks his help in retrieving a document that will be found with the will. Act 2 is the most successful in this respect. She calls him by a past pet name and asks him for a kiss, to his surprise. Best of all is Anja Silja, while a little more effort could have been made to make her look younger she otherwise embodies her role in a powerful and poignant manner, and even with the beat in some of her top notes her singing is in good shape.

Her real name is Elina Makropulos and she was the daughter of the Greek man, Hieronymus Makropulos, who as the personal doctor of Emperor Rudolph II attempted to create the elixir of youth. This production is simply wonderful, Nikolaus Lehnhoff’s staging is moving in its impact and also imaginative while remaining faithful to the story and Janacek.

Janek has also fallen in love with her. Gregor accuses Emilia Marty of fraud and forgery, as well as practices against common decency. Mzkropulos hand Menai Davies You can add or edit information about The Makropulos Case at musicbrainz. Though disappointed by Emilia’s coldness, Jaroslav gives her the envelope containing the document. Two years after its premiere, the opera was given in Prague, and also in Germany inbut it did not become really popular until a production by the Sadler’s Wells company in London inconducted by Charles Mackerras with Marie Collier as Emilia Marty.


Emilia and Jaroslav have spent the night together. He continues saying that only markopulos descendant makropulis Ferdinand Makropoulos can claim the estate. On an Overgrown Path 1.

The Makropulos Case – Národní divadlo

This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat A servant arrives with tragic news. Emilia enters, but spurns them all, including Janek, who instantly falls under her spell, and Albert, who brings her expensive flowers.

Emilia then became desperate to retrieve it. Aging rapidly before the eyes of makropullos astonished onlookers, she offers Kristina the formula so she now can become a great artist herself.

After a week, Elina woke up and fled with the formula, which proved successful.

But Elina recovered and escaped. A stagehand and a cleaning woman discuss Emilia’s extraordinary performance. Having exhausted her desire to continue, she relinquishes her hold on the formula, at last reclaiming her humanity by succumbing to it and its inevitable consequence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kristina leaves the room to bring the coffee to Emilia. Vitek’s daughter Kristina, enters.