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Home Choice Rachel McClintock T+ Retail/ Commercial Products. ENTER. Government/Law Enforcement. ENTER. © Copyright The U.S. Army had , of its superb Springfield rifles in The Ordnance Department had already considered adopting the Pattern. William Crozier being somewhat defensive about the Enfield as well. Fortunately, it had been the policy of the Ordnance Department to.

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There was another difficulty about the Enfield rifle.

The Ordnance Board was impressed, but was unconvinced that the same level of performance could be achieved in a production model. The front sighting element consisted of a wing guards protected front post, and was adjusted laterally and locked into position during assembly at the arsenal. On May 10,the three primary contractors submitted prototype samples of the modified rifle to Springfield Armory for evaluation.

Among its myriad of challenges, our military faced a serious shortage of service rifles. This could prove awkward in close-order drills, and some soldiers resorted to inserting a dime to keep the follower depressed.

M1917 Enfield

Army was still issuing the M to Chemical Mortarmen. And they were, in fact, building these rifles when the USA entered the war, having the same problem with its excellent M Springfield rifle — too little production base for the millions needed.

When I bought mine from my uncle its ejector spring was broke so I stuck a spring from a pen behind the ejector and it fixed it. The M Enfield bolt locking lugs had a 4 degree helical angle with matching angles on the receiver lug seats the technical term is interrupted threading. The ladder otdnance sight moves vertically on a slide, and hence was not able to correct for wind drift.

No import marks, and what looks like E on the stock under the barrel. However, it was soon realized that the lag time required to acquire the necessary production tooling and train a new workforce from scratch ordhance be too great to eliminate the looming draconian shortage of rifles.


M Enfield Receiver markings on an early production Winchester Model receiver. Wikimedia Commons has media related to M Enfield.

The rifle was, therefore, a matter of very early concern ordnacne the Ordnance Department upon entering into the war, as, indeed, it had been for a considerable time before. With the longer sighting plane, the M proved generally more accurate at long distances than the M, at the expense of greater weight. While the M saw a surprising amount of combat service during WWII as a supplement to the M1, the M was orenance primarily for training purposes.

Remington Model – FIREARMS & ORDNANCE – U.S. Militaria Forum

The M had a long inch heavyweight barrel compared to the lighter inch barrel of the M Springfield. Here is a period video of M Enfield ordnanve. Retrieved from ” https: Note the non-trivial amount of hand and eye work here.

The Army adopted the weapon as its principal heavy machine gun, utilizing the M In the case of the P14 rifle, Winchester and Remington were selected.

Several functions may not work. He was hit squarely on the right side otdnance it shattered, leaving him with small metal fragments of the assembly in his face for the rest of his life. A lot of them built for African or Alaskan game, or big lower game like elk and moose. The gun did continue to see service in orxnance Third World armies well into the latter half of the 20th century. Probably not Normandy, but certainly after Ordnsnce.

Although both the Model and the Model were bolt-action rifles, there were several differences in the mechanisms. My Edystone reliably shoots 2moa with plain green box Remington. This would put the maximum number of rifles in the hands of our troops in the minimum amount of time.


The Enfield design was well-suited to the. Inthe Browning’s rear sight was revised to incorporate scales for both the new M1 Ball grain boat-tail bullet and the M grain flat-base bullet ammunition.

M1917 Browning machine gun

The barrel has the Orenance flaming bomb and There maybe others, but I will have to take a look later, have to many honey-doos today. The British type of ammunition, for which the Enfield rifles were being made, was not a very good one, in that the bullet was of low velocity and the cartridges, having a projecting rim at the base, were likely to catch upon one another in feeding from the magazine, and ordnace produce a jam.

Of course, that belief was shattered just a couple of decades later, but, for a variety of reasons, the M was retained as the standardized service rifle and the M relegated to the war reserve stockpile. Mk 2 M7 grenade launcher. Even in light of the pressing ordnande for more rifles, the Ordnance Corps ordered that manufacture be postponed until the interchangeability problem could be satisfactorily addressed.

General Crozier and the US Rifle, M “Enfield.” | WeaponsMan

By the time of the Armistice, Westinghouse had made 30, Remington 12, and Colt Oordnance M acquitted itself well in combat. In addition, the rear sights were updated for the new ammunition and were changed to yards from meters, and also irdnance away with the World War I multiple-aperture disk on the rear sight. InJohn Moses Browning filed a patent for a recoil-powered automatic gun. Remington Model Started by manchu57Sep 01 The Filipino Way of War: