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Shop Lutterloh System, The golden rule at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing Plastic Sewing Tools Curve Shaped Measure Ruler for Sewing Dressmaking. Browse Lutterloh Products on Create and Craft USA. Lutterloh Ruler. BOOK ID: LopjQueORV2 || [BOOK] Free Lutterloh Ruler Pdf Download. July 9th, – The Golden Rule Lutterloh sewing patterns system Shop.

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Since the upper and lower part are of very different sizes, the center front does not remain in a straight line. Am determined to master this because I have an unbelievable stash collected over many years of wools and silks that need to be sewn. Please let me know your comments on this. When I make a garment with sleeves, should I try to mark notches on the pattern to match sleeves to the bodice, and if so, how do I place those notches properly?

I won’t post it and we can carry this on by e-mail. I thought I could jump right into it. Add to watch list. I’d like to make it as a trial, as you recommend.


Lutterloh pattern system | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums

He demonstrated how you could tage a sleeve from one pattern and use it on another, or collar, or bodice etc as a way of designing exactly. This way the garment fits your body!

I have finally mastered pants and think I can help. Dear Blakk, You are in luck!

The slacks seamstress used the hip measurement to draft the waistline and then lutterlo back and checked it. If you read through some of the “Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive” reviews you’ll see we do this all the time.

I leave the tack and tape in the pattern while I draw the outline. Is there information on how to add these numbers to the patterns I have so I can use the system to grade them into different sizes? My vest turned out wonderful! JazzM April 5, at 2: Should ruldr the bust measurement for making the hem also?

Yes make the rulef bust adjustment So go for it and enjoy the learning experience. I just got my Lutterloh kit yesterday and tried to make a pattern.

Lutterloh pattern system

Would it make any difference to the accuracy of the drafting if you enlarge the copy of the ‘little’ pattern before you start? Luttterloh occasionally find old patterns, fashion magazines or mailorder catalogs there, and prices are usually ok.


July 3, at Anonymous December 25, at 7: I will sew it tomorrow.

Here it is all the pieces for the top front, back, neck facing, ruffled collar, sleeve They do not have seam allowances or hems on them. I prefer to add seams etc.

Usually the vest pattern is in a folded pamphlet. The best ones have the marking hole clearly marked by the number. Home Sewing Made Easy Slacks. I only need a couple of alterations to the patterns to make them work for me. Is the vest too tight all the way down, just at the bust, or perhaps only across the back in certain areas? Me I make a large bust adjustment with every pattern, adjust my shoulder mine slants a lot and I shorten the length from waist to hips