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By using the Liquisolid technique, sustained drug delivery systems were developed for the water soluble drugs in which hydrophobic non-volatile solvents are. Abstract. Liquisolid technique is also known as powder solution technology. It is the technique which deals with the solubility enhancement of poorly soluble. Acta Pharm. Mar;57(1) Liquisolid technique as a tool for enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs and evaluation of their physicochemical.

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By decreasing the ratio of microcrystalline cellulose to silica from 20 to 10, an improvement in dissolution rate was observed. Liquisolid technique is also successfully used for the formulation of many water insoluble or liquid lipophilic drugs.

When oral route for administration of the drug is chosen then that drug should be sufficiently dissolved in gastric fluids for its proper absorption. By using liquisolid technology dissolution rate of such poorly soluble drugs get improved by improving their solubility.

When the drug dissolved in the liquid vehicle is incorporated into a carrier material which has a porous surface and closely matted fibres in its interior as cellulose, both absorption and adsorption take place; i. The beta and gamma cyclodextrins and their several derivatives have unique ability to form molecular inclusion complexes with hydrophobic drugs having poor aqueous solubility. Solubility studies were conducted for the selection of high solubility of the pure drug form in the non volatile solvents, This involves pure drug dissolved in different non-volatile solvents.

Absence of constructive specific peaks of the drug in the liquisolid compacts in X-ray diffractogram specify that drug has almost entirely converted from crystalline to amorphous or solubilised form. This liquisolid technology is a promising tool for the enhancement of drug release of poorly soluble drugs. Enhancement of prednisolone dissolution properties using liquisolid compacts.

Dissolution tests for liquisolid tablets were done at constant rotational speed and in identical dissolution media, thus allowing estimation of the thickness of the stagnant diffusion layer h. Segatto Silvac, Hellen K. Once drug particles solubilised in SCFs, they may be greatly recrystallised at greatly reduced particle sizes.

Both absorption and adsorption take place, i.

Non-volatile solvent present in the liquisolid system facilitates wetting of drug particles by decreasing interfacial tension techbique dissolution medium and tablet surface. During this study many researchers observed that if there is low drug concentration in liquid formulation then there is rapid drug release from the formulation.


Article Information

The powder was allowed to flow through the funnel freely into the surface. This will increase the weight o tablets to above one gram which makes them difficult to swallow. However, the formulation of soft gelatin capsules is expensive and requires sophisticated technology. There are several approaches for solubility enhancement which includes micronization, Nanonisation, use of salt forms, use of surfactant, solid dispersion, and supercritical fluid recrystalization etc.

Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of frusemide through liquisolid technique. Preformulation and formulation development studies.

The majority of recently discovered active moieties are poorly water-soluble and hydrophobic in nature. Int J Pharm Sci Res ; 8 7: In the third step suitable superdisintegrants like sodium starch Glycolate or Crosspovidone is added in the prepared mixture with continuous shaking in a mortar.

Each spectrum is derived from single twchnique scans collected in the region – cm -1 at spectral resolution of 2cm -2 and ratio against background interfereogram. By adding PVP to liquid medication, it would be possible to produce dry powder formulations containing liquid with a high concentration of drug. Therefore, together with permeation, solubility profile and dissolution rate profiles of drugs are major key factors for its oral bio-availability.

Tiong N et al. Low R values should justifiably display relatively poor dissolution profiles. The following parameters describe a measure of the flow properties of liquisolid systems that will be selected and compressed into tablets. It was shown that microcrystalline cellulose had more liquid retention potential in comparison with lactose, and the formulations containing microcrystalline cellulose as a carrier showed a higher dissolution rate.

This will increase the weight of tablets to above one gram which makes them difficult to swallow. This study suggested that Avicel had more liquid retention potential due to the high specification area of Avicel 1. Lower R values of liquisolid compacts contain relatively smaller amounts of carrier powder cellulosea large amount of fine coating particles silicaand the ratios of their liquid medication per powder substrate are relatively higher.

For R values liquisolif than 50, they may be attributed hechnique the slower diffusion of the liquid medication through the liquisoljd porous carrier powder particles into which the drug solution has been embedded during the formulation process.


Physicochemical properties of selected powdered drug solutions. If the drugs have techhnique solubility liquisoljd the gastric fluids then it will tecunique less available for its absorption and due to this its bioavailability will be less.

Optimized sustained release, liquisolid tablets or capsules of water insoluble drugs demonstrate constant dissolution rates zero order release. United State Patent, ;Powdered liquid drug Powdered drug solutions.

In a liquiso,id on hydrocortisone liquisolid tablets, Spireas et al. There are numerous applications, viz. Liquisolid technique is a novel approach toward the development of dry, nonadherent, free-flowing, and compressible powder from the drug in liquislid state.

Liquisolkd systems and methods of preparing same.

After complete formulation liquisolid tablets also get evaluated for wt. Liquisolid is mainly composed of drug, non volatile solvent, carrier material, coating material, and disintegrant.

The Liquisolid technique: an overview

The absorption characteristics of Hydroclorothiazide liquisolid compacts in comparison with commercial tablets were studied in beagle dogs. Liquid medication is incorporated into carrier material which has a porous surface and closely matted fibers in its interior as cellulose.

The effect of type and concentration of vehicles on the dissolution rate of a poorly soluble drug indomethacin from liquisolid compacts. In stability studies drug content is determined by charging up the crystals of liqkisolid drug to accelerated stability conditions according to ICH guidelines Q1 R2.

During the past few years many techniques have been developed such as drug micronization, solid dispersions, co- precipitation, lyophilization, micro- encapsulation, use of pro-drug and drug derivatization processes, and inclusion of drug solutions into soft gelatin capsules Kapsi, At near critical temperature, SCFs are techhnique compressible allowing moderate changes in pressure to greatly alter the density and mass transport characteristics of a fluid that determines its solvent power.


The enhanced rate of indomethacin dissolution from liquisolid tablets was probably due to an increase in wetting properties and surface area of drug particles available for dissolution.

Bioavailability depends on solubility of drug. It is carried out by preparing saturated solution of drug in different solvents.