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From philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, one of the giants of twentieth-century intellectual history, comes this highly infuential study of Marxism. Written in exile, this. I did need to read Kolakowski. His ‘Main Currents of Marxism’ (translated by PS Falla) is not only a monumental intellectual history of Marxist. In some sense, Main Currents of Marxism represents the major life’s work of Leszek Kolakowski and the culmina- tion of the path that began much earlier, in the.

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The second half of this volume is devoted to the pregnant subject of Russian Marxism. Kolakowski’s purpose in this work is to trace the history of a doctrine, and as a result all three volumes of “Main Currents of Marxism” are quite heavy on philosophy. He quotes an extended passage from a major Soviet work about “Stalin, the great master of the sciences [ The American Historical Review. See all 3 reviews. This is also approximately the period of the Second International.

Was it inevitable that Marxism could lead to the Sovet Union and all that entailed? And with it crumbles marxiam whole edifice of Marxism like the removal of a angled stone from a Cuzco wall.

Leszek KoĊ‚akowski, Main Currents of Marxism – PhilPapers

It is not so much a history of these men or their times, but that of their thought. Yes Marx is getting a second look here in an era of global economic meltdown, and that’s a good thing, if only as an antidote to the free-market triumphalist vapourings of the last generation.

The Founders is erudite, penetrating, and brilliant – in addition to thoroughly covering the output of Marx and Engels, it includes perhaps the best explanation of Hegel’s Phenomenology of the Spirit that I have come across. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are maain enough data points to plot this chart. The Journal of Politics.


Main Currents of Marxism: The Founders, the Golden Age, the Breakdown

The Cambridge Companion to Marx. Distinguished Polish philosopher and historian of ideas.

Hook wrote ov the book opened a “new era in Fo criticism” and provided “the most comprehensive treatment of Marx, and of thinkers in the Marxist tradition”. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of For as much as people think they know about critical theory, it seems they are still unfamiliar with Frankfurt School and the ways in which they and Gramsci influenced political thought and action.

The Founders Oxford Paperbacks. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Without rewriting the book – I would like to point out some crucial components of his thesis as best I can. Main Currents currentz Marxism. The only thing to do is to start again. Gramsci also comes out comparatively well, although not unscathed.

He explains how Marx threw himself into the intense debates over fate and human history. Kolalowski at first appears to be a bit too God-oriented for me, but he is pretty universally acknowledged to be a top-level scholar, and just scanning the Wiki article on him reveals the breadth of his interests and knowledgewhich might be comparable to one of my favorite intellectuals, Isaiah Berlin.

He reaffirmed the value of Marxism as an area of study despite the end of European communism, and suggested that a future revival of Marxism and communism, though far from certain, was still possible. Due to the huge amount of material that Kolakowski covers in this volume, he is often forced to skim over some of this material relatively quickly.

Main Currents of Marxism

These early thinkers struggled with reconciling the finite capacities of human beings with the Absolute. This books is encyclopedic in the volume of information it conveys, and yet it strings it all together so that you’re following more or less chronologically, enriching each period as you go with greater and greater knowledge of all the key players.


Of his leszke Poland, and its struggles, Kolakowski writes eloquently, and his descriptions of the tragicomic existence of the Warsaw Pact countries and China under communism are must-reads.

Please try again later. He starts with a chapter on the “Origins of Dialectic” – no doubt the most difficult chapter in the book! Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. maarxism

Mateusz Piotrowski – – Kronos 3 Leszek Kolkowski – But it is not these economic theories which dominate the end of Volume II, it is Sorel’s theory of revolutionary violence and the role of Lenin.

The Norton History of the Human Sciences. Views Read Edit View history. The critique is not always incorrect, but ultimately, the project of Horkheimer et al.

Main Currents of Marxism. Eric Litwack – – Human Affairs 21 1: Leszek is often outspoken and extravagant which makes his opinions somewhat Big realization: The brick – or rather the breeze block – is finished. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Main Currents of Marxisj From philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, one of the giants of twentieth-century intellectual history, comes this highly infuential study of Marxism. Philosophy and Social Hope. The last few chapters consist of an overview of post-Decembrist Russian socialism, covering Herzen, Chernyshevsky and the Russian Marxists.

James Satterwhite – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 8 1: He speaks sympathetically, even humorously, and refuses to shy away from the points where Marxist doctrine is strongest.

Marxism as an Instrument of Sociology X. How to review a classic?