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Leslie Allen “Les” Carlyon AC, is an Australian writer, who was born in northern Victoria in The book was the basis for the Australian TV miniseries Gallipoli, released in the year of the th anniversary of the campaign. His The. The definitive work and national bestseller”The book of the year” Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning HeraldLes Carlyon’s Gallipoli is the epic story of the fighting. Booktopia has Gallipoli, Centenary Edition by Les Carlyon. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Gallipoli online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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I’ve heard many Aussies talk about Gallipoli; this is essential reading for all, citizens and migrants alike. Paperbackpages. Such minor complaints aside, after working at this for a couple of chapters, I eventually found my feet and began to enjoy the story and I can recommend gallipoil as a fine account.

And so it took on an importance which, if you’re rational about it, you can sort of say, ‘Well, actually, what happened to the Australians at Passchendaele in was worse.

What we must remember, as well as the heroism and tenacity these men displayed minute by minute, hour by hour in the face of hopeless and what should have been overwhelming circumstances, is the conduct of their leadership.

My main gripe is the lack of decent maps. The Gallipoli story is two things – it’s a set of facts and it’s great clouds of mythology. One comprehensive map that displayed all the topographical features that were mentioned in the text would lles assisted enormously. The reality, when one reads it, is that the horrors of this campaign are a far stretch from civil pageantry which commemorates it today.

This is certainly the conclusion of LA Carlyon’s powerful account of the tragedy.


Les Carlyon

He gave in to Kitchner too much. A fabulous story written by a historian who could write. This account focussed the deep sadness and the great anger that dominated my heart and soul as I stood before those graves.

Its clear Gallipoli means something deep to the author and it comes across in the book. Views Read Edit View history.

Gallipoli – Les Carlyon – Google Books

Oct 04, Campbell Mcaulay rated it it was amazing. Partly because of the endless sarcasm and also because Alan Moorehead was a better writer, there is nothing here that moved me in the same way as the account of the landings at Helles on April 25th nor of the suicidal Turkish assaults of May in Moorehead’s book.

The politicians were hardly better but that is to be expected. This page was last edited on 28 Julyat Some of his sentences lack verbs and some of his conceits are meretricious: The author describes the battle with such vivid tones that send your mind to wild images of the harsh struggles that the men experi Gallipoli, by Lew Carlyon, describes the horrible battle from the perspective of the Australians.

Brief by his standards, but essentially heroic. Owning the Suvla beachfront was no prize. And after that piece appeared, enlistments in Australia, because everything was on the volunteer basis, enlistments soared and it had a sort of Kipling-esque romantic glow to it, the way Ashmead-Bartlett told it.

Carlyon uses exceptional literature when describing the tone of the battle and the aftermath.

Bully beef and fly stew

Long book, took longer to read than the whole campaign went for! He covers the campaign from all perspectives. Charles Bean, the war historian, made the point that while Britain was a democracy, in its heart it was still feudal. His book “Gallipoli, a popular carkyon of the Allied Gallipoli Campaign in caroyon Dardanelles during the First World War”, was published inand met with critical and commercial success in Australia, New Zealand and England.


It’s not just filled with unbiased facts and information, it’s enjoyable to read. The evacuation of the Allied wounded from the hillside battle lines was a nightmare, and long waits on the beaches for boats was extended by a long transport to British colonial hospitals. A fitting testament to so much bravery and fortitude for so little gain. Anyway, at the end of evacuation was ordered and conducted with skill, stealth and speed.

I think what makes this a fascinating read is that agllipoli not vallipoli a cold replay of the facts, but Carlyon’s opinions bring colour and clarity.

Review: Gallipoli by LA Carlyon | Books | The Guardian

At this spectacle, even the most gentle must feel savage, and the most savage must weep. This biographical article about a print editor is a stub. According to one survivor of the Gallipoli campaign, war produces two kinds of muddle: This book, though a little dated is still a great account of the events, the battles, and the hardships of the British and ANZAC troops.

He probably would have got away with commanding an army in France. Hamilton gives the slaughter there no mention in his page memoir.

There are a few scattered through the book, a large scale one ggallipoli the Mediterranean theatre and several fine scale maps of individual battles or skirmishes, but none that clearly shows how the two sides were arranged against one another. The book reads, to me, like a conversation with a mate down the pub “You’ll never guess where I ended up on holiday