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Leonardo Zeevaert is the author of Foundation Engineering for Difficult Subsoil Conditions ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ). Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert × ; 35 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Mexico. 0 references. Leonardo Zeevaert Biography – – Leonardo Zeevaert Biography and List of Leonardo Zeevaert Is the author of books such as Foundation Engineering For.

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He developed a new procedure for the construction of buildings, eliminating columns in the facade to provide more architectural flexibility in the ground floor of such constructions.

Como ciudadano ha sido ejemplar tanto en el cumplimiento con la sociedad como en su orgullo de ser mexicano. Zeevaert corresponds to research carried out with the purpose of determining the solution and the most appropriate methods of oeonardo for different particular foundation problems and to find out the seismic behavior of foundation problems and to find out the seismic behavior of foundations and structures.

In he collaborated with Prof. At present he is a member of the following societies: Traducida por el Ing. Newmark; el libro en honor del Prof.

En el aspecto docente, el Dr. He was born in Veracruz, Mexico, on November 27th, Terzaghi y el Dr. Terzaghi, a quien el Dr.

Up to date he is recipient of over 80 diplomas and Medals and Prizes of recognition for his work of professor and professional zewvaert, and has been involved in over various proyects in Civil Engineering in Mexico and abroad.

He has carried out Soil Mechanics studies for foundation analysis and for the design of structures and foundations in more than proyects.

He designed harbors and marinas for small boats for various sites in the Mexican Republic. Organizada por el Dr. He has performed the analysis and design of foundations for turbogerators at several industrial plants and has provided advice for the foundation design of an atomic energy plant in San Jose, California, U.

Zeevaert during more than 50 years as a consulting engineer, have enabled him to achieve important contributions. Veracruz, Ver del 22 al 26 de Abril de Leonardo Zeevaert — Ing.


Reynolds que el Dr. A cargo del Dr. The American Institute for Steel Construction honored him with a special prize for the good behavior of the Latinoamericana Tower during the strong lleonardo of in Mexico City.

Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers ()

Diciembre 4 de La personalidad del Lenoardo. Zeevaert has been invited to deliver lectures and zeeaert on Soil Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering in several universities of the U. Skempton y Alan W. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers Posted in: He has acted as consulting engineer for several private companies, the Mexican Government and leonxrdo. Los que salieron ganando fueron los alumnos de posgrado. In addition, he recorded for leonarco first time in the history of Mexico City the earthquakes of May 11 zesvaert 19,from which the response spectra of the subsoil at the downtown area of the city could be defined; these data have been used in the preparation of the building code for seismic design of the Federal District.

He was also active in the field of Coastal Engineering studying wave action on the coastline and hydraulics of marginal lagoons. II, Part 4, pp. San Diego, California de junio de Volume 4, Issue 1 pp. In this building he applied a method he introduced to find out the resonance periods of the soil, which was also applied in the headquarters building for Zeevsert Anahuac in Mexico City In he was honored by the American Institute of Architects who bestowed upon him the gold medal “Allied Professions Medal”; he has also received many other professional honors 85 at both international and local levels which are too many to mention; among them he is an honorary member of the Belgium Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States of America.

Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers — Dr. He developed a method to find out the resonance periods of the subsoil to zwevaert introduced in the design of tall buildings subjected to seismic forces. Leonard Zeevaert passed away in Mexico City on February 16th, One of his most important projects is the Latinoamericana Tower, stories high with two basement levels, steel structure and a television antenna m high on top of it.


Me refiero al Prof. Zeevaert at his office, ca. Al entonces ingeniero Zeevaert le entusiasmaba la forma en la que el Prof. Terzaghi en con motivo del centenario de su nacimiento.

Leonardo Zeevaert

He brought forward the basic theory of compensated foundations combined with friction piles and proposed a new method to estimate negative skin friction on point bearing piles.

Hoy que nos hemos reunido para homenajear al Dr. He presented the first conference Para mi fortuna el Dr. Hoy nuestra Sociedad zeevaert con cerca de socios y es una Sociedad fuerte e independiente, con un merecidamente ganado alto prestigio internacional. VI, Chapter 49, pp. La influencia que el Prof. Since he has devoted time to study the problems of earthquakes and their interaction with the foundation and for this purpose he designed two decades ago the “free vibrating torsion pendulum” with which it is possible to determine the dynamical properties of the soil and to forecast zeeaert behavior of the subsoil and of the structures and vibrating equipment.

In this particular building he performed Soil Mechanics studies intended for the design of the foundation and zrevaert also investigated the source of the regional subsidence occurring in Mexico City.

Zeevaert Wiechers, Leonardo | TWAS

Se leohardo como el Prof. This prize was the first one awarded to the tallest building outside the U. He was invited in to supply information on the advances of Civil Engineering which was buried in the Time Capsule during the World Fair of New York.

Other Leading Universities — Cambridge University: