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Chuck states in the first session that you can’t possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, however, continues on to present what’s widely considered. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours: Small Group Pack. Dr. Chuck Missler. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours Small Group Pack, DVD Plus 6 Workbooks – Designed. For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, ” Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the.

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For instance, he argues in favour of a seven day creation which I he is entitled to do but then finishes off his argument by saying that Jesus said that the world was created in seven days, and thus if we do not believe in a seven day creation then we are denying Christ. Want to Read saving…. The problem with forcing science to fit a literal interpretation of the Bible creates a science that is based upon supposition and faulty mathematical logic. Apr 19, Re added it.

References to the Nephilim still sort of mess with my head, it’s all too fantastical, but this book explains why Israel – God bless them – have had such a terrible time and show’s how there will be a triumphal end!

This is good for Christians and Non-Christians, as much of the book is spent on Israel, and the prophesies and how some have already happened.

The fact that this book is actually targeted at people who don’t understand the Bible all that much concerns me even more because it has the effect of radicalising them. The thing is that by living selfish and self-centred lives we are very much capable of bringing judgement upon ourselves through our own actions, and when society all goes off to do what they see is right in their own eyes then disaster will follow — just look at the book of Judges.


The problem with Missler is that he does point out a lot of theologically sound doctrine, and has the potential to help you understand the structure of the Bible, how it all fits together, how it is the story of God’s redemption of humanity, and biblw it points to the cross.

Why bother with the Sabbath? A bit of Google research shows that you can find words like “Buddha” and “Muhammad” by the same computer search techniques, and indeed get similar results by searching “War and Peace”. He does not say whether his source is “original” Hebrew text or English translations We, living two thousand years from then, cannot take the horus out of that context and apply it to the world as it exists now — it just isn’t the same.

It also suggests that certain races leqrn be killed off simply because they are belived to have a genetic taint.

This book is useful in giving a rough working view of the bible. Nov 19, Aldo Herrera rated it it was amazing. While I support Israel’s self-determination, and condemn the holocaust, it does not excuse their actions towards the Palestinians. The thing is that amillenialists believe that the end times are the period between Christ’s ascension and his second coming. Feb 13, Mark rated it it was amazing.

Great introduction, but the DVD series and small group workbook is the only way to do this course! Rather it their actions towards Lot’s visitors.

Mind you, pretty much every review is a carbon copy of the other — wonderful book, clearly explains the Bible, very useful in helping me understand. Another interesting thing is that they argue a literal 24 hour day here, but when it comes to Daniel’s prophecy of the end times, where he speaks about weeks, it is only to interpret that as a week of years — where is the consistency?


Refresh and try again.

Learn the Bible in 24 hours with Chuck Missler | GOD TV

I gave it four stars as there is no way to learn the Bible in 24 hours. I stopped reading this hojrs at nearly the half way point. Genesis Hour 5: Amazing overview on the Bible that does what it says, reviews the entire Bible in 24 one hour sessions. Feb 01, Kj rated it it was amazing. It’ll challenge your perspectives in countless ways, for the best!

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours

My position is that this book is incredibly dangerous. He spends pages on things that could have been explained in one paragraph, then glosses over things that you are burning with questions over. However my position that the Jews still exist, hohrs survive, is evidence pointing to the authenticity of the Bible. The Hebrew Christian Epistles Hour Chuck states in the first session that you can’t possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hourshowever, continues on to present what’s widely considered one of the most informative overviews of the entire Bible in 24 one hour sessions.