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Music writer, theorist and film maker Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures In Sonic Fiction is set to be republished some 20 years since first. Derek Walmsley picks six columns from our archives by Kodwo Eshun in which the future Turner Prize nominee forged a new style of writing about dance music . At 17, Kodwo Eshun won an Open Scholarship to read Law at University. College , Oxford. After eight days he switched to Literary Theory, magazine journalism.

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Like every field is. I find it fascinating, almost addictive, to see concepts being implemented into software, network architectures, artworks, living discourses.

Rock My Religion Eshun, Eshuj.

Not failure or success. The concept then dies, fades away, loses its magic, and start to feel worn out.

It is more liveliness. And why McLuhan used to structure his ideas with number or the alphabet, not be bored iodwo death by the academic obligation to seriousness. Kodwo Eshun was born and raised in the far northern suburbs of London.

Koswo Eshun UK is a writer and artist who focuses on black identity and the African diaspora.

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Enter your email address to subscribe: Narcissus in Uniform [Catalogue Essay]. Boris Ondreicka and Nadium Samman, eds. When you put on headphones the functional expansion of your listen capacity your brain grows to the seize of the kodo. Tate Britain, United Kingdom 14 November And in the nineties it was the drummer. Search only in current section. Ballardand rock music.

Kodwo Eshun — V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

You know books are boring. I do not feel ashamed by this, despite all the criticisms and the fact that the avant-garde has been declared dead at so many occasions. I was really pleased to find an old essay by Sylvere Lothringer which explained how they wanted people to use Semiotexte books for speculative acceleration. You would be able to see it, but they would be compressed, abbreviated, and I wanted to unstuff them. At some stage we will get music that amplifies the sound of the network.

Naima J Keith and Zoe Whitley, eds. kodao

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Always this hermeneutics of the street. Black Imagination, Fragments and Diffractions. Carles Guerra and Jeu de Palme, eds.

Artist Talk Eshun, Kodwo. That is why I do touch the MP3 topic. Eshun’s book More Brilliant than the Sun: That is why in the talk I gave here I used terms I would never have used two or three years ago: Apart from MP3 databases, there are free radios and webmasters jamming together and clubs connecting other clubs.


It is more rates of quickness and intensification. Artist led collective and organization delving esyun the close readings of the image in contemporary society through different activities.

It has a certain avant-garde position in it, a sense of anticipation.

The drive towards the utopian and the alien works really strongly. According to his brother, [ citation needed ] Eshun was heavily disturbed and influenced by the coup of Ghana carried out by J.

Kodwo Eshun

Science fiction as theory on fast forward. Rather, we were kofwo the genre of speculative thought. On Her Devolves The Labour: It has not happened so far that the network is seen as the starting point of music.

Could we say the same about the art of metamorphosis onto higher cyborgian stages?

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