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Do you know who Ken Uston, Author of “Million dollar blackjack” is? Ken Uston consistently applied his knowledge and techniques to make millions at. Million Dollar Blackjack has 37 ratings and 0 reviews. Nearly every man or woman who enters a casino can win at blackjack. In the last decade more than t. All inquiries should be addressed to Gambling Times Incorporated, Stagg St., #, Van Nuys, CA Uston, Ken Million Dollar Blackjack. ISBN:~5.

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Million Dollar Blackjack

Chapter 6 Here we are shown a comparison of some common uaton counting systems. The rules can vary greatly from one event to the next so you need to read the rules very carefully to know whether there will be any element of skill involved and what the odds might be.

I feel like this is something that most novice players are completely unprepared for. Francesco had recently launched the first “big player” type mlllion blackjack card counting team, and he recruited Uston to be one of his main team players. These aspects make it simpler than a typical unbalanced system. If you are new to the game then your head is probably spinning. He discusses how the technique works, how to find opportunities and how to play them.

William rated it liked it Oct 25, To improve your user experience, we use cookies. Chapter 9 Now we start getting into the interesting stuff.

Ken Uston – Wikipedia

This chapter covers basic strategywhich tells you how to mlilion every hand that can be dealt. This is the foundation of all blackjack play. Timothy Woolsey rated it liked it Jan 07, Fred rated it really liked it Mar 24, Ken shares this gut-wrenching story right away, even before he shows us how to play basic strategy.


Like I said, this guy knows how to tell a story. It also shows how the house edge changes for different rule sets.

Ken provides a good introduction to hole card play but serious students should follow up with the book Beyond Counting by James Grosjean, ideally the second edition titled Exhibit CAA. This technique would prevent the increased bet spread from being noticed by the pit bosses. Although Al Francesco and other team members have recounted in subsequent Blackjack Forum interviews that Uston made very little money for their team, Uston co-authored with Roger Rapoport a book entitled The Big Player in which he shared credit for many of his card-counting successes with his fellow team members, including noted Blackjack master-strategist Bill Erb.

This was long before the days of buying an Arduino with Bluetooth at your local electronics store.

Big Player Without a Game”. Please enter your name. Brandon rated it really liked it Mar 17, Most casinos keep a close eye on black chips and higher, so players need to be very careful if they decide to hide chips in their pockets.

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Million Dollar Blackjack – Ken Uston – Google Books

What happened next would change the history of New Jersey gambling forever. Although it is a little short on math, it is a great introduction to these crucial concepts. Monty J Heying rated it really liked it Jul 24, Ken starts by telling us about his first computer teams. This chapter covers betting strategies and includes advice on calculating betting spreads for different bankroll sizes, risk of ruin, expectation, multiple hand betting, and long run probabilities.

Chris rated it really liked it Oct 23, Just a moment while we dollzr you in to your Goodreads account. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We are shown a few ways to take advantage of casino freebies such as free rooms, meals, show tickets, and souvenirs. Players have left behind billions of dollars at the blackjack table, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!


On top of that, the games can milion vary from table to table and from dealer to dealer. But unlike Bringing Down the House or the movie 21, this book is a first-hand account written millikn the guy who lived it.

Uston went on to write several more books about video games and home computers during the s. Back in the s personal computers were a fairly new concept. The playing and betting advice is far superior. Ken gives us a rare glimpse into one ke the first groups to play computer-perfect blackjack. In this book, he covers nearly every aspect of casino blackjack from selecting the right game, to avoiding being barred, to the “illegal” side of blackjack, to cheating dealers and players.

This can also be applied to cards that have design, printing or cutting errors. Although many of these rule sets are uncommon these days, it is good to show the effects that cause both the house edge and the playing decisions.

Ken Uston (Author of “Million dollar blackjack”)

Casinos sometimes subscribe to more than one service, as well as having their own in-house systems that may be networked with their sister properties. Many novice players may not even realize that the rules can change from one casino to another, or even at milliin tables within the same casino. As a result, Uston was accepted to Yale at the tender age of Ken touches on everything from card counting, hole carding, shuffle tracking, team play, comp hustling, tournament play, and much more.