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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Medical science has, in late years, gone so far as to prove that there must be an advance growth or change in the brain cells years before action or change in character become the result of such development.

But what is known as the “artistic nature” may show itself only in the kdiro of beautiful things, harmony of surroundings, and such like; whereas the people who do not possess any mark of the Sun Line, seldom even notice their surroundings and would live equally happy in the most squalid homes.

As this development commences at ten, even at that age it has affected certain nerves, and they in their turn have already affected the Line of Head—a full twenty years before the point of change or action has been reached. It doubtless took years of study to name these lines and marks, but it must be remembered that this curious study is more ancient than any other in the world. Such a mark pamistry Fate through the hand must never be considered as “a good line of Destiny.

When once this part is mastered, he has a sure foundation to work on.

When the nails are very flat, and especially shell-shaped see Plate V. If many of these islands are marked it generally foreshadows a still greater tendency to blindness and weakness of the sight. When this line is very red in small spots, especially when pressed, rheumatic fever is indicated.

During my twenty-five years’ professional experience in England, America, and other countries, I have carefully noted down the questions that are not answered in books published on this subject. It is useless to oppose such people—if one cannot lead them, it is no use palmustry to force them against their will.

WikiProject Biography may be able to help recruit an expert. I have seen this mysterious line look deep and threatening [Pg 85] during the early years of a life, and completely fade away as greater health and strength took possession of the body.

Nevertheless, such infelicities might be very unpleasant for their oeiro, especially if he has more heart than brains. Such an indication must not, however, be considered as the certain or sure sign of success as when the Line of Fate keeps to its own place and sends branches to some particular Mount. These same parents would lift up their voices in righteous indignation if soldiers were sent into battle untrained, without keido proper equipment, and yet these same parents have never, in the whole course of their lives, made the simplest study of any one of those many subjects by which they could in knowing [Pg xix] the nature of their child, have strengthened weak points in the fortress of character, or by developing some talent or gift, doubly armed him for his entry into the battle of life.


If they look short and stumpy in proportion to the rest of the palm—one may be sure that the individual to whom they belong is of an animal nature, possessing coarse instincts, devoid of real intellectuality, and belonging to the lower order of humanity.

It is found on the hands of brain workers, students of some particular branch of study, writers, scientists, etc. The date when this line left the Line of Life will give the first date of its commencement, i. Without purpose they are rather like a ship drifting on an idle sea. In his own autobiographical book, Cheiro’s Memoirs: A “cross” is an unfortunate sign, and denotes difficulties and annoyance, but only relating palnistry one’s name or position. He was a self-described clairvoyant who learned palmistry, astrologyand Chaldean numerology in India during his stay there.

They do not believe in second marriages, and the divorce courts are seldom palmjstry with their presence.

This class of Head Line is largely found in cases where the subject is naturally inclined towards drink and intemperance of every description. He will also be extremely lucky through the friendship and love of those he meets, and will be greatly benefited and helped by others.

Later Palmietry was permitted by Brahmans to study an ancient book that has many studies on hands; After studying thoroughly for two years, he returned to London and started his career as a palmist.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

I found people were sceptical of such a study only because they had not the subject presented to them in a logical manner. When, with the same indication, the line is also sloping slightly downwards, the sensitiveness is still more increased. I ought not to confess this accuracy, still I am moved to do so. I have generally found, however, that what it means is, that although the financial results of such a person’s life may be either great wealth or power, yet he may inherit it from his mental right and not from his birth right.

Practical Palmistry : Charles Yates Stephenson :

When made up of little pieces or linked like a chain, it is a certain sign of poor health, weak stomach and lack of vitality. It denotes an over-sensitive, over-cautious, timid person. On extremely long, thin hands, those that belong to what is called the Psychic Type, [4] the Line of Sun [Pg 65] has very little meaning except that of temperament, such persons being too idealistic to care for either wealth, position, or worldly success.

They rush blindly into danger, and they usually meet with terrible accidents and injuries, and very often suffer a violent death see also page Although one may never be able to explain why it is, this line undoubtedly appears to indicate at least the main events of one’s career. When there is another line much slighter in appearance lying close to the upper side of the Marriage Line, it foretells some influence that will come into the subject’s life after marriage.

As to what they should do for the best, in such cases it is always wise to advise the subject to act according to first impulse either in dealing with practical or imaginative things. If the fingers look unusually long and thin, and in this way out of proportion to the palm, the man or woman will err on the side of too much ideality and refinement and is not suited to business or work requiring “level headedness” and practicality.


Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson)

These lines give the date of the interference [Pg 77] when they cross the Line of Destiny; they cause quarrels when they come from Mars; from Venus they also denote annoyances, but not of such a vindictive nature 7, Plate XVII. Such persons live for themselves, and care little whether those around them are happy or not. If the Line of Head itself should curve upward, especially at the end towards the fourth finger or Mount of MercuryPlate V.

Such people can, however, be brutally sensual and especially so if the Mount of Venus is high see Mounts, page In such a case the subject has been a hard mental student, and has become mentally superior to his or her parents. These people seem to strike the happy medium between the ideality and pride given by Jupiter, and the more selfish love nature given when the line rises from Saturn.

A boy ten years old may at that point commence a development which will not be felt until he is thirty, and then it may change his whole life and career. Cheiro has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy. These Venus Influence Lines are more often found with those persons who have what is called the “Venus temperament,” or who are intensely emotional and passionate.

In other words, their life will remain in darkness; people will not see their work and the “Sun of Success” will never dawn on their pathway of labour. When, however, the third finger is equal to the second, the love of amassing wealth will be the dominant passion of the life. He had returned to England to tender his resignation on account of some hostile criticism about “the Abbas affair,” and so I took the opportunity of his being in England to palmistrry him to allow me to add his hand to my collection, which even then included some of the most famous men and women pallmistry the day.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro

When the line is clear and distinct, but has a lot of little lines dropping from it, it foreshadows trouble and anxiety in the marriage, but brought on by the delicacy and ill-health of the partner 5, Plate XVII.

From the Line of Heart, success will come late in life in some way depending on, or through, the affections. Employer, lest your first finger is short in proportion as that of your employee is long, for, if such be the case, you too will have “to toe the line” and you may find yourself in a very disagreeable position.

People with the Sun Line appear to have more magnetism, more influence over others.