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Patriarchal bargain is a term coined by Turkish author and researcher Deniz Kandiyoti in , which describes a tactic in which a woman chooses to. In this article, according to Kandiyoti, there are two systems of male dominance. These are the sub-Saharan African pattern and classic patriarchy. May 4, Bargaining With Patriarchy. Article (PDF Available) in Cite this publication. Deniz Kandiyoti at SOAS, University of London ยท Deniz Kandiyoti.

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Jamie Phlegar Jamie Phlegar. Difficulties and deprivations experienced by young women is displaced with their control and autonomy on their daughter in law.

Their original feelings of elation transformed into anger, disappointment, and disgust. However, marriage how impact on the girls will face challenges varies with degree of endogamy. Gail Dines, author of Pornland: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, kandijoti executive director. Also, economic hardship and insecurity makes life more difficult.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Under classic patriarchy, girls are married at a very young age and their father in law in the head of household. For example, in the Middle East, burka is closely associated with the respect of men for the Oman’s women.

Remember me on this computer. Patriarchal bargain can have a normal period as well as crisis period and we can see the contradictions markedly in the wih point. Also, women can have their power and autonomous areas in this system. This thesis investigates how young married women in rural Sindh commonly strategize and negotiate with patriarchy.


Patriarchal bargain

One problem with patriarchal bargains is that they pressure women into internalizing patriarchal ideologies and, thus, either knowingly or unknowingly recreating patriarchy every day. Log In Sign Up. They have a vested interest in the suppression of romantic love between youngsters. In fact, the rewards that individual women may reap from patriarchal bargains function as sanctions for women as a class.

Bargaining with patriarchy. |

Young brides go to the household of their husband as dispossessed individuals. In their protests, wives are protect already their existing spheres of autonomy. Shortly, the insecurities of African polygyny balancing with their areas of relative autonomy to maximize. Between June and September ofI conducted fieldwork in six different villages in Khairpur district using observation, interviews with women aged between years and three focus brgaining discussions.

Women’s request takes the form of passive resistance to their share in the framework of this patriarchal bargain: As a society we often place blame on the women in the industry for their decision without looking critically at the larger structure in which this emerges an option for them in the first place.

The sub-Saharan African pattern related with insecurities of polygyny and areas of relative autonomy for women. A Case Study of Khairpur, Sindh. For women who are either born with or achieve vast amounts of wealth and status, patriarchal bargaining may look different. Women want to maximize their autonomy in the Kandoyoti context.

Despite the obstacles that classic patriarchy puts for the women, economical and emotional security may far outweigh. No doubt, they represent a powerful cultural ideal for them.

Bargaining with patriarchy.

Skip to main content. Also money or goods brought by women goes directly to the relatives of the groom.


Women get support from their husband in different degrees but actually women responsible for her own, her children’s upkeep and also meeting the costs of their education.

But every woman is confronted with the pressures to engage in patriarchal bargains bafgaining a daily basis. The collapse of classical patriarchy resulted with the earlier independence of the young men from their father and they earlier leave the households of their father.

Kandiyoti mentions about autonomy and protest in sub-Saharan context. The industry disregards her humanity and puts a price bargaininf on her body. It can be contradictory with the interests of women in some ways and it can bring conflict, tension and difficulties psychologically. It is telling that although women who enter the sex industry often bagraining a sense of initial personal empowerment, over time their experience often changes.

There is no a single road leading to the collapse of this system and the results are almost uniform. First, suicide rates are high in young women, especially, among newly married women. There is a responsibility of men to support their wives but actually it’s in actual fact relatively low in some cases. These batgaining the sub-Saharan African pattern and classic patriarchy. It also associated with the reproduction of the peasantry in the agricultural community.