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To enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals, this specification will define a set of APIs for Portal computing addressing the areas of aggregation. The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. In , Java Portlet Specification (JSR) first defined portal and portlet behavior. In , Java Portlet Specification (JSR) refined and built on.

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To be determined by the expert group, initial target is December Portlet filters are similar to servlet filters in that they allow request and response modification on the fly. This design would not address the transport protocol for the remote execution of Portlets, leaving to the specific Portal implementations the support for Portlet remote execution.

Find Out More Start Trial. The portlet specification only provides a mechanism for a portlet to read its own URL parameters or those declared as public render parameters.

JSR Portlet Specification for WebSphere Portal Technology Preview

To reach this target the following schedule may be used as starting point: APIs and descriptors to support internationalization and localization are a fundamental design goal of this JSR. In the response, the portlet returns content e. The TCK will be managed by Sun and will be available to independent jdr with no requirements to also license or use the RI.

Please help improve this article specifiction adding citations to reliable sources. Serves a resource independent from the rest of the lifecycle. These components will comprise -but they will not be restricted to-: Liferay is an open platform in an ecosystem of open platforms.

Portlets are web components -like Servlets- specifically designed to be aggregated in the context of a composite page. Portlet window states control the amount of space a portlet takes up on a page.


It is perfectly valid to bring the tools The Expert group will consider functionality such as support for, parallel execution of Portlets within a single user request, logging, security and personalization.

Doing all this in other types of web apps would require manual re-coding. Usually, many Portlets are invoked to in the single request of a Portal page. Liferay Portal also contains an OSGi runtime. Some of its major features include: A good user experience is the measure of a well-designed site.

This gives you access to all the MVC Portlet functionality you are familiar with, plus the added bonus of using Soy templates for A JSR portlets catalog makes sure that portlets under this catalog may run on any standards—compliant Java portal server.

With that said, you can use a variety of technologies to develop portlets that run on Liferay Portal. Most modern applications use View Mode only. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster.

Typically, following the desktop metaphora portal page is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet windows, where each portlet window displays a portlet.

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Specifiction is understood that the subject of this JSR is already being addressed by Open Source projects and products from different vendors. Portlets handle requests in multiple phases. Window states mimic window behavior in a traditional desktop environment: View Details Watch Now. Liferay Portal does, however, provide utility methods that can access the ServletRequest and query parameters.

The Java Portlet Specification defines a contract between the portlet container and portlets and provides a convenient programming model for Java portlet developers. View Details Read Now. Exact details will be agreed early in the life of the JSR and communicated to expert group members. This lets a portlet serve dynamic portket without running the Render phase on all portlets on a page.

Java Portlet Specification – Wikipedia

It portlrt an important goal that the design of the Portlet specification would allow implementations to support remote Portlet execution. InJava Portlet Specification 2.


One was full of himself, and always wanted to show everyone users and SEO services alike just how smart he was, by openly displaying We are constantly improving the site and really appreciate your feedback! Types of portlet solution vertical domains and technology like collaboration, social networking, community, content management, utility, calendaring, HRM all are available in these catalogs. Portlets would be grouped in a Portal Application by bundling them in a single WAR with a Portlet deployment descriptor file.

NOTE that this section has been updated since the original request. Events are used for IPC. It is expected that both specification leaders will fully share responsibilities associated with group leadership, including group communications, specificstion making, and agreeing to the business terms for the RI and TCK.

I thought Liferay Portal was standards-compliant? Portlets instead access a javax.

Java Portlet Specification

Do you give us your consent to do so for your previous and future wpecification Even so, the advantages of modularity are so great that we still recommend you develop your portlets as OSGi modules. Client agnostic Support for multiple types of clients multi-device Simple Portlet API Support for Localization and Internationalization Hot deployment and re-deployment of Portal applications Declarative security same as to the mechanism found in Servlet and EJB specs Architected to support remote execution of Portlets The Portlet specification will be based on the Servlet specification.

Specificatio Portlet produces a fragment of markup that it s combined with the markup of other Portlets, all within the Portal page markup.

A Java portlet resembles a Java Servletbut produces fragments rather than complete documents, specificahion is not bound by a URL.