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Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. JK69 Form – Example. Page 4. Page 5. Get the JK69 form from any Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) branches for 60 cent each. The JB branch is located at Jalan Datin. SENARAI SEMAKAN PERMOHONAN LESEN SEMAK SENARAI SEMAK DOKUMEN PERMOHONAN LESEN IMPORT KENDERAAN.

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Total no of agencies: Zinc Waste And Scrap. Although there are many parties who offers to do you AP application for a fee, it is actual something that you can do on your own. Should you need further clarification, please contact us on Menyedari betapa pentingnya pengkalan data senarai pengimpor t dan bahan nk69 yang diimpor t ke Malaysia, justeru itu fork inisiatif telah dibuat oleh Unit Kualiti dibawah program QUEST CIDB untuk mengumpulkan maklumat dan data-data pengimpor t bagi rujukan pihak yang terlibat dalam industri binaan.

Initial Inspection – Puspakom

Five Hundred Only will be charged for each verification procedure. Product Certificate Materials used for construction works The certificate issued by CIDB verifying the imported construction products has fulfilled the MS requirements.

Consignment Test Method Fom method can be divided into three 3: J6k9 documents submitted must be certified by Malaysian Government officials grade A or Commissioner of Oath only.

Not able to provide the container as informed by CIDB. The construction products wished to be imported must go through a stringent quality process as to conform to Malaysian Standards before its allowable usage in the domestic market.


To issue approvals through e-permit or COA. The Forrm or Model is not the same as stated in PC, packing list or letter from manufacturer. Net Technologies Sdn Bhd to be able to access e-permit. Cost Pre-arrival – Application of Import Permit if applicable.

Vehicle must be insured under the applicant’s name for a period of not less than nine 9 months from the date of car insured to the date of return to Malaysia. All costs pertaining to this exercise will be borne by the importer, except the traveling allowance and food for torm verifications – Malaysia Procedures for Importing Construction Materials 18 d The Verification Officer will not conduct verification works on public holidays.

Box Kota Kinabalu Sabah Tel: Iron Waste and Scrap.

Products listed under the Customs Orders are food products, heavy machineries and photocopy machines, compact disc makers, magnetic tapes, toner, iron steel, chemical, safety helmets, cable and plastic scrap. The purpose of these guidelines is to explain the conditions and procedures that need to be complied with by companies that applying for an Import kj69 AP to import motor vehicles.

Dependent visa are not entitled or allowed to apply. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

This is basically a guideline to assist you in importing your vehicle. In special circumstances, CIDB may torm the importer to run additional tests such as full or critical tests, or any other tests deemed necessary if certain doubts arise about the construction product, even though the importer has obtained the product certificate and have passed all consignment tests.


Returned to Malaysia permanently. COO — Certificate of Origin 5. Import License is granted to applicant once in a lifetime.


After the approval of the COA, it will be handed over to the applicant. Non AP holders of Importing Companies for: CIDB will carry out the consignment verification after receiving all necessary documents as mentioned herewith: Test may only be carried out at CIDB approved labs. Zunaida Bee Pillai Pn. When filling up the JK69 form, please make sure the address you enter is the from as the one you use for the Bill of Lading and other shipping documents. Supporting Documents Other documents that need to be enclosed with the Application Form according to particular products are: Ofrm CIDB allows the transfer or amendment, the respective certificate body can carry out the amendment.

You need not waituntil your forn has arrived to do so. Falsifying jk6 documents iii. A few frequent failure factors which deny entry through Customs is also listed in this book. CIDB officers will then carry out an inspection of the lab. Accompanying spouse is not eligible.

During system offline, permit applications will be done manually. Other Tubes and Pipes ex: Test alignment of a vehicle’s front wheels. Awang Bulqiah bin Awang Maulana. CIDB will not accept applications from suspended importers during the duration of the suspension period.