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Using The Akai MPC With Ableton Live – Look Inside. View. Using The Akai MPC With Logic – Look Inside. View. Using The Akai MPC With Pro Tools – Look. JJOSXL: the Sampling Bible’ by MPC-Tutor is the first dedicated tutorial book for JJOSXL, with pages of step-by-step tutorials and practical. JJOSXL Sampling Bible – Look Inside.

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Of course I would emphasize not to do so before OS3 is in a stable state Our ebooks also include folders of example files that allow you to recreate the tutorials as you read them.

Byinflict3 Wed Jan 30, 2: Beat Making on the MPC I’m jjjosxl how much of this is still relevant to jjosxl? Tape to Dub Plate: Capture the unique sound of a 60s funk session with this fully multisampled vintage drum kit. Quickly create perfect drum layers using only your MPC!

All our samplepacks are tested to be fully compatible with the latest stable version of JJOS. Imma different, so don’t compare me to anotha Contact Help Sampliing In. Get more information from the product page: The Infinity Drum Layering Kit.

The JJOSXL Sampling Bible

Just got done working through the Sampling Bible and found it to be very helpful. The most innovative collection of MPC drums ever – make perfect drum layers every time. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate this a lot. Options 13 posts Page 1 of 1. Thanks for all your contributions to the MPC universe! If you have a questions about any products on MPC-Tutor.

Sound of the Underground – Special Edition. Hey, I’m really appreciating your books beatmaking and sampling bible. With pages sapling hands-on tutorials and practical music making projects for you to recreate in your MPC, this book comprehensively teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know about the art of sampling in JJOSXL: In the top left of the screen your OS will be listed.


JJOS Tutorials & Samples – Drum Kits & Sounds for JJOS & JJOSXL

This is the second one of your books I’ve gone through, and I appreciate how straightforward the information is and how well structured the exercises are. The Pro Studio Kit.

With pages of hands-on tutorials and practical music making projects for you to recreate in your MPC, this book comprehensively teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know about the art of sampling in JJOSXL:.

ByBeat Freak Fri Jun 07, 9: A complete horn section inside your MPC – incredibly realistic sounding trumpet, sax and brass instrument multisamples for all MPCs! Original, authentically recorded old school funk breaks.

JJOS Tutorials – MPC & MPC JJOS Tutorials, Kits & Samples

The Dirty Drummer is back with double the finger drumming fatness! It should read something like:. Byallank Wed Jan 30, 2: Fully understand the destructive and non-destructive chopping processes Develop optimal workflows for chopping drum breaks and even entire songs Learn powerfull speed chopping methods Construct your own unique velocity sensitive finger drumming kits from chopped breaks Discover the many advanced uses of patched phrase loops Use sustained looping on chopped notes to create your own realisitc multisampled programs Utilise filters, tuning, effects, ADSR and other program parameters to customize your chopped programs Discover the different methods for implementing polyphonic and monophonic programs Create unique percussive effects from looped drum chops Produce your own songs and beats using nothing but non-destructive chops And much, much more, including a breakdown of all the essential JJOSXL shortcuts and a beginners’ guide to core MPC functions.


Not sure about the current compatibility with xl, I spoke to Mike MPC Stuff about the possibility of creating a and XL version of the book, he’s interested, so I will definitely be looking into it further.

I’d be happy to buy the tutorial and see what doesn’t work on the xl OS I know the patched phrase section won’t apply to jjosxl. A drum kit with sounds specifically engineered for drum layering. And, no that is not a dude. I can see features of both that I would like but won’t know which is more important to me till I put them through the wringer. Terms Used in this Book Appendix Asmpling The Beatmaker Tool Kit. Samplinng Fri Jun 14, 3: Download instantly after purchase.

JJOSXL Sampling Bible: JJOSXL Tutorials For MPC/

I’m hedging my bets and getting a unit with xlcd as an upgrade from mp2kxl and getting both os2xl and xl at a minor discount from JJ.

Biboe currently buying the book will also receive an exclusive JJOSXL discount code biblee the code can be used as follows: A lot of help for a newbie like me. Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work in putting out knowledge for us MPC users. The Raw 70s Kit. It should read something like: A complete new “beatmaking” book on the xl would be awesome especially if you deep dive into a lot of the different sequencing sampilng.

Byallank Mon Feb 04, 5: Percussion sounds like you’ve never heard before – welcome the world of 3 dimensional audio.