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Regular IRON MAN readers know the name Jerry Brainum well. He’s IM’s go-to nutrition-science guru who has his thumb on—no, make that. If you are looking to build muscle safely with natural anabolics then look no further. Below is a free ebook by Jerry Brainum called, “Natural Anabolics”. This Jerry Brainum is the author of Natural Anabolics ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat? ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 re.

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Jerry Brainum’s Natural Anabolics – Forums

My success as a competitive world champion came from the information written in this book. Leucine also blunts the release of certain peptides in the brain that are associated with intense food cravings, and as such it helps in the fat-loss process. Cell culture studies had previously shown that leucine exerts a partitioning effect, diverting energy from being stored in fat to being burned in muscle. They did no training.

When working with professional boxers, Jerry was able to help them make their weight limit without ever resorting to the extreme methods often used for the same purpose. Adiponectin is a ‘white-hat’ fat. When I first began bodybuilding, I asked Jerry questions concerning the best ways to train to make muscular gains. I would like to thank Jerry for what he’s done for me and our sport of bodybuilding.

Many of the posts on the blog are original articles, having appeared here for the first time. Jerry reads them, and fully understands what they say.

He called the system Kaatsu.

About Jerry Brainum | Applied Metabolics

From that day on, I never looked at Jerry in the same way. The researchers argue for an anabolic effect from applied heat directly to muscle, due to activating an insulin-related anabolic signaling pathway which augments muscle size and strength. Jerry gave me the schooling that I needed to develop one of the greatest physiques of all time.


Straight Facts By Jerry Brainum. The chamber was very cold. You want info that you can put to use to get faster, stronger, leaner–or maybe live longer–it’s no contest as to who to listen to.

In fact, in his anabllics, ‘The Four Hour Body,’ Timothy Ferris claims that he lost a significant amount of fat by adding three minute cold showers a day, to his existing training and diet. It suggests that a particular nutrient may promote growth processes, particularly in ananolics tissue.

Allow me to introduce myself. Recent research shows that BAT is more prevalent than believed and that adults aanbolics increase BAT through cold exposure, Ferris might have increased fat-burning with cold showers via increased BAT! J Med Food Jerry always provided me with useful information that did help me to progress in my bodybuilding career.

Over the years,Jerry has done numerous seminars, some with my father, and others for my staff and clients.

He has acquired a broad knowledge gained in over four decades of constant study to the extent that he is able to answer even the most complicated questions related to science. He also stays on the cutting edge through keeping up with the latest research and concepts in science that have practical value to anyone interested in health, fitness, and nutrition.

He was very instrumental to me when I was competing, and helped me avoid a lot of mistakes that would have interfered with my contest prep. You may consider taking a hot shower or bath before training. natyral

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Natural Anabolics

If you want to make every mouthful,set, rep or protein shake count, read anything by Jerry. S” answer, you ask Jerry Brainum. Exercise normally has little or no effect on adiponectin release, but cold does. Newer Post Older Post Home. I can’t emphasize ahabolics much I value straight, to the point, factual information on anything, but especially health and fitness. I can read or talk to anyone I choose, I brainm Jerry.

This study also underscores the fact that while leucine may be a key arbiter of ahabolics protein synthesis, you still need the presence of other amino acids for it to proceed at an optimal rate. In fact a new study turned up that effect. Once leucine has done its work in relation to muscle protein synthesis, excess leucine can be converted into other amino acids, such as alanine and glutamine.

As example in occlusion training, which I’ve briefly natufal in prior editions of Planet Muscle. It gained prominence in the bodybuilding community with the advent of supplements touted to boost anabolcs presence in the body. If you are serious about your training, if you are serious about your profession in the fitness and sports fields, you will need this publication. Since then, I’ve also worked with other elite bodybuilders in helping them achieve top condition.