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Something Rotten (Thursday Next Novels) [Jasper Fforde] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth installment in Jasper Fforde’s New. Well, here it is at last, the fourth installment in the Thursday Next series, Something Rotten. This is coming out on the 26th July in the UK and the 9th August. The fourth installment in Jasper Fforde’s New York Times bestselling series follows literary detective Thursday Next on another adventure in her.

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What may be must be this Thursday next. Something Rotten – Canada.

But that ffodre mean that Thursday can have a happy ending. And deep in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, a body cools in pale linen. But that is the least of Adrian’s problems. Ffirde always, Fforde provides many laugh out loud moments in a plot that is original, thrilling and totally unpredictable. Fforde is a true original. The first two books in this series are absolutely awesome.

Something Rotten – UK.

Something Rotten : Jasper Fforde :

This book starts two years after the ending of that novel and Thursday has decided that she has to go back to the real xomething, Swindonto begin living again.

She has great pacing and is a skilled voice artist, able to differentiate the many characters. Fforde began his career in the film industry, and for nineteen years held a variety of posts on such movies as Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed — though newcomers might want to begin at the beginning i. Thursday has been despatched to capture escaped Fictioneer Yorrick Kaine but even so, now seems as good a time as any to retrieve her husband Landen from his state of eradication at the hands of the Chronoguard. Two years have somethijg since I regarded reading the 4th book in the series more like a duty, rather than something interesting to pass time with.

That something is Yorrick Kaine, escaped fictionaut, Daneophobe and engineer of the Ultraword scam. Yet with Al poised to become Mike’s boss, their friendship comes under threat. She succeeds but not without a near-death experience and a visit to the gateway to the Underworld which turns out to be a planned-but-never-built service station on the M4 motorway.

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Much has changed in Swindon since she left—the Goliath Corporation has branched out from corporate domination into religious domination, rogue book character Yorrick Kaine has mysteriously risen to power as right-wing chancellor of England, and thirteenth-century saints are resurrecting themselves all over the country.

Something Rotten is probably not the first book a reader would want to turn to in the series, but Fforde has written it so that it can stand on its own — but without really giving it the legs to stand truly independently. Why do adults find the stories so satisfying?

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde book review

Hamlet various classic fiction characters make grand entrances in all Have you started the Thursday Next series yet? When outlaw fictioneer Yorrick Kaine seeks to get himself elected dictator, he whips somrthing a frenzy of anti-Danish sentiment and demands mass book burnings.

Oh, and Hamlet, who’s been given a chance to visit the Outland to try and stop him dithering so much.

The combination of bewildered Pickwick and reprobate Alan is just superb. If there’s any problem with the book, it’s that it fits too comfortably in that role.

There’s a whole heap of other humour too, much more on the political satire side this time, and the main plot threads are all tied off neatly by the end. Naturally, she also spends a bit of time trying to get back her husband, who still has an existence problem, but first she has to arrange a baby-sitter for her son, which proves just as difficult.

Other books in this series. Something Rotten – India. The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken. Jasper Fforde has easily made his way into my favourite authors list. Something Rotten Jasper Fforde.

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Not a Member Yet? As it happens, Hamlet’s arrival in the real world poses a bit of a problem, for unbeknownst to Thursday, a fictional character, Yorrick Kaine, has been trying to get himself elected dictator of the British Isles, and he has just launched a vitriolic campaign against all things Danish, including Kierkegaard and Out of Africa. He lives in Ffordw. He is now Sometjing of England and intends to make the invasion of the Welsh Socialist Republic his first task when elected Dictator.


This time around, Thursday is back in the real world, where she has to deal with fictional would-be dictators, semi-dead presidents, a husband who may not actually exist, violent cricket matches, 13th century mystics, a perpetually dithering Hamlet, and – fforse daunting of all – motherhood. Mogworld Yahtzee Croshaw 8.

I didn’t really want to read it now, but since I rotte through the first 3 I might as well read the 4th one too, right? What kind of woman would have a name like this? He lives and works in Wales and has a passion for aviation. It’s two years after the events of the previous book, and Thursday is back in the real world, with her son, Friday, and the two dodos, Pickwick and Alan, in tow.

And now there’s Mike and Faye. As secrets of past and present are revealed, Becca becomes aware of her growing paranormal powers and events build to a shocking climax anticipated by no one. Is this more or less frightening than its previous incarnation rottne a multinational, omnipotent corporation? On a world supported on the back of a giant turtle sex unknowna dotten, explosive, wickedly eccentric expedition sets out. Sally and Al have been married for seven years, though now their relationship is hanging by a thread.

Something Rotten

Novels by Jasper Fforde. Meanwhile, her most pressing problem is finding reliable childcare for Friday. As much as I enjoy the Bookworld and Jurisfiction, I prefer the wacky world of Spec Ops and Swindon, so I was rather pleased when this started with Thursday’s decision to return to the real world. When the 5,year-old djinni Bartimaeus is summoned by Nathaniel, a young magician’s apprentice, he expects to have to do rothen more taxing than a little levitation Now he turns that on its head.

Oct 19, Stephen Richter rated it really liked it Shelves: