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Jack McDevitt is a skilled but uneven storyteller. His best work is found in his series of novels featuring Priscilla Hutchins. While the Hutchins series tends to be . The luxury space yacht Polaris carried an elite group of the wealthy and curious thousands of light-years from Earth to witness a spectacular stellar phenomenon . Minor Spoiler Alert! Polaris is second of Jack McDevitt’s series of novels about Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath – and it is probably the best of.

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As long as you don’t take it too seriously, and aren’t looking for profound or challenging writing, you can have some fun reading it. Naturally, they must travel frequently throughout the galaxy and they do so in style with a vessel named the Belle-Marie.

I can’t wait to read another book by McDevitt. The luxury space yacht Polaris carried an elite group of the wealthy and curious thousands of light-years from Earth to witness a spectacular stellar phenomenon. Ahhh, so then, keep the smart premise, interesting plot, and weave it in a fully-realized and deep future society with spacecraft, AI’s, and lots of settled planets, aliens, and a few other layers of mystery. The thousands of years of history of McDevitt’s “Confederacy” of far-flung planets settled by humanity in the distant future is fed to us in dribs and drabs — hints of war and suffering, triumphs and discoveries, even pop culture references to poets, playwrights and sp Very satisfying, readable SF mystery.

Apparently someone has decided that it is dangerous to have the artifacts out in the public, so they have attempted to destroy them all. Interesting philosophy stuff though, and science details. Humanity is spread out across the galaxy and but the interest for useless old objects remain. Can’t recommend this on any front: Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information.


You’ll also get really angry when they do things straight out of an Austin Powers movie “A. This was my first and probably last McDevitt novel.

Science Fiction Hyperdrive: Review of Polaris by Jack McDevitt

I really quite enjoyed this one too, but some of the basic facts that the plot rests upon don’t bear too much examination. This book is supposed to take polaros 9, years in our future – but everyone acts like mcsevitt people next door. A tantalizing blend of mystery and philosophy Sixty years ago in a future so distant that space travel is commonplacethe luxury yacht Polaris carried a group of curious, science-minded and very lolaris passengers to Delta Karpis, once a typical G class star but now unique and of extraordinary interest as it was about to collide with a dwarf star.

What if some really weird events keep happening around you, your artifacts, and your friends? Wild theories are proposed.

Years, then decades go by. Is there anything you would change about this book? The Forge of God.

Jack McDevitt is a former English teacher, naval officer, Philadelphia taxi driver, customs officer and motivational trainer. At this point in time, mankind has discovered only one other sentient species – a telepathic race which had been quickly dubbed “the Mutes”. mmcdevitt

Because the unoccupied alien craft jjack sure to contain revolutionary technology. View Full Version of PW. I liked book 3 a little bit more.


A really solid mystery and when I was looking through the book again I was impressed with the structure. Worst, perhaps, mcdeitt author requires his supposedly-very-smart lead characters to do VERY stoopid things For example, when one’s life has been threatened twice while traveling in a vehicle, would it not behoove an intelligent person to assume that there might be a third attack?


On the plus side it is a super quick read. Jack McDevitt is a former naval officer, taxi driver, customs officer and motivational trainer.

Here there are no heroes or villains, only those willing to do what’s necessary to survive. Looking for More Great Reads? The Best Books of Work is good for one’s feeling of self-worth.

Polaris (novel) – Wikipedia

The narrator has offbeat intonation, but the wry humor of the character comes through well. It is a very well-told tale that also involves a thoughtful scientific dilemma. I think that this mcdeviitt of problem comes from forcing something into the story that doesn’t really belong.

Jon’s only companion on his year voyage is his ship’s irritable AI. Apr 01, Paul Baker rated it liked it Shelves: But this is just the Mary Celeste done with a high-tech motivation and on multiple worlds.

His consciousness must be transferred into an experimental android host, where he’ll live an immortal – and lonely – life. The interest of the story does not lie so much with the character but with the mystery, and the adventures.

Peter Watts Narrated by: Naturally, those artifcats will become important as the mystery unfolds.