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18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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7902 for resistance, cur-rent, voltage and power for direct current andalternating current circuits. Every registrant who satisfactorily met all therequirements specified in this Act, upon payment of theregistration fee, shall be issued a certificate of registrationas a professional electrical engineer, a registered electri-cal engineer or a registered master electrician that showsthe full name of the registrant and with serial number, signedby the Commissioner and by the chairman and membersof the Board, stamped with ir official seal as evidence thatthe person named therein is entitled to practice the profes-sion with all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto.

Enforceability of the BOard’s Decision – Ir decision of theBoard imposing a disciplinary action against the respondent in an administrative case shall become final and executory unless it is appealed by the respondent to the Commission within fifteen 15 days from the receipt of r decision. The portion of the inner circle above the diametralspace shall contain the name Philippines; and the portionbelow, the registration number. TheBoard shall, subject to the approval of the Commission, andafter consultation with the said association, prescribe andissue the necessary guidelines for the issuance of thesecertificates.

Affidavits signed by three licensed professional elec-trical engineers to the effect that the experience ar by the applicant is factual and that the tech-nical paper submitted was actually and solely preparedby the applicant. The names of the successful examinees with the names and grades of topnotchers and the names of topperformer schools shall be officially published in the newspaper of general circulation.

If, for any reason, anysection or provision of the herein Rules and Regulationsor the application of such rules and regulations or provi-sion to any person or circumstance is declared unconstitu-tional, unlawful or invalid, no other section or provision ofthis Rules and Regulations shall be affected thereby.

The Board ofElectrical Engineering, hereinafter referred to as the Board,shall be created as collegial body under the general su-pervision and administrative control of the ProfessionalRegulations Commission, hereinafter called as the Com-mission, composed of a chairman and two 2 members tobe appointed by the President of the Philippines fromamong the recommendees of the Commissioner of the Pro-fessional Regulations Commission, hereinafter referred toas the Commissioner, who were chosen from the nomineesof the integrated and accredited association of electricalengineers and of other registered association of electricalengineers and fa fields.


Refusal to Issue Certificates. If the applicant was conditioned in any of the sub-jects or has completely failed the PEE exams under RA, he may apply igr the same PEE grade under RA without undergoing any written examination pro-vided he complies with the requirements outlined un-der Rule 14 of the herein Rules.

Practice of electrical engineering a person is deemedto be in 77920 practice of electrical engineering when herenders or offers to render professional electrical en-gineering service in the form of: The electrical engineering professions shallbe integrated into one national organization which shall berecognized by the Board as the one and only integratedand accredited association of professional electrical engi-neers, registered electrical engineers and registered masterBoard of Electrical EngineeringProfessional Regulation Commission P R CYEARBOOK electricians.

All applications fororal examinations for professional electrical engineer andwritten examinations for registered electrical engineer andregistered master electrician shall be subject to paymentof fees prescribed by the Commission: Associate electrical engineers and assistant electricalengineers with valid certificates of registration and pro-fessional license issued under Republic Act No. The Boards or Commissions decision isappealable by the respondent to the Court of Appeals inaccordance with the procedures provided under the Rulesof Court.

RA 7920 and IRR

Reexamination of Failed Subjects. A new certificate of registration to replace any certifi-cate that has been lost, destroyed or mutilated may be is-sued, subject to the rules of the Board. Types and Uses of Measuring In-struments.

An Electrical Engineer should honestly ad-vise his clients or employer to engage the services of otherexperts and specialists, and should cooperate with them inthe interests of his client or employer.

Utilization equipment refers to energy-consumingequipment including motors, heaters, furnaces, lightsources, and other devices which utilize electric en-ergy, for any purpose. The seal shall be a dry circular seal, consisting of two concentric circles, the outer circle being 48mm in diameter and the inner circle being 28mm in diameter with the appearance of two rings of twisted wires. An Electrical Engineer should give creditfor the engineering work to the person whom the credit islegally due.

A professional electrical engineers field of practiceincludes the sole authority to seal electrical plans, etc. The number of questions shall be such thatthe examinations can be finished in three 3 consecu-tive eight-hour days.


Implementing Rules and Regulations

Adopted in the City of Manila, this 9th of May, He is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science inElectrical Engineering BSEE from a university, school,college, academy or institute duly constituted, recognizedand accredited by the Jrr government. Action on Papers, Communications or OtherDocuments.

The release of the results may or may not coincide with the release of the results for Registered Electrical Engineers and Registered Master Electricians.

An applicant for the examination asRegistered Master Electrician shall submit the following: Supervise and regulate the practice of electrical engi-neering in the Philippines;b.

An Electrical Engineer, should have due re-gard at all times for the safety of the life and health of hisemployees, other workers, as well as of 79200 general publicand for the protection of property that may be affected bythe work this responsibility.

The following elements of the report shall be in-cluded in the order given below: Violation of any of the herein Rules, any policy or ad-ministrative issuance by the Board or Commission;3. The decision of the Commission may be appealed tothe Court of Appeals in accordance with the procedureprovided in the Rules of Court.

That prior to commencing work, the foreign pro-fessional shall secure a special permit from theCommission;iv. All applicants for registration and license to prac-tice as professional electrical engineer, registered electri-cal engineer, and registered master electricians, shall besubject to the payment of registration fees, license fees,and irr in case of violation of the pertinent rules and regu-lation for the prescribed by the Board and approved by theCommission: Types and uses of measuringinstruments.

The interview shallbe scheduled as often as required throughout the year atthe PRC head office in Manila. After no less than a year from the finality of the Boardsdecision, the Board, out of equity and justice, may recom-mend to the Commission the issuance of the certificate ofregistration to r applicant. Both a quorum and a majority vote are pre-requisites for the validity of any of the foregoing actions. The results shall be posted on the PRC Bulletin Board and the examinee shall be furnished with the results.

V or RA Definition of Terms – Unless otherwise provided, the following shall be understood to mean:.