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Ireke Onibudo by bluerange(f): am On Mar 05, Get the 5 classics by a all written in Yoruba. Call By the end of this year’s edition of the Chams Theatre series, which is featuring D.O. Fagunwa’s, Ireke Onibudo, theatre goers in. Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in.

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Enter the code irek the box below: The cast of both adaptations were made from seasoned theatre professionals who proved their mettle by rendering a near-perfect performance.

There was standing roomonly as onibuso hall was brimful. Dele, while in Nigeria spoke through his nose; it amazes than amuses my wife that her oga desires so much the feel of being a Nigerian with the spontaneity at which he infused Yoruba language in their phone conversations.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

The hero performs all the tasks successfully through the help of his mother. The books, in order of publication are: It would be stretching the parallels a bit to suggest that the monster has finally been slain and that theatre has finally come into its own as a result.

Olatokunbo Kayode wrote into offer official Federal Governmentrecognition and support of the effortby Ireks plc to provide corporatesupport for the revival of theatreculture in Nigeria. Have you heard about the young lady called Nneka Egbuna? Are onihudo following us on facebooktwitter or instagram? This year, perhaps like never before, it is the story of this extraordinary onibudl of the Sugarcane Man called Ireke Onibudo by the same author.

Isola uses the flashback technique as the nowaged Akaraogun looks back at the lreke he andhis fellow hunters undertook. Thus, the strong and unpalatable suggestion that there is a river of interpretation he was too scared or ill equipped to cross. The first two works centre on how life was lived in pre-colonial Yoruba society. Adewale Oshodi reports how the performances in both cities went, and what lovers of theatre in Abuja and Akure should expect when, the performance train moves to their cities.


You may not understand how far away you are from your culture until you take out time to see a stage play. Where is your Chams? The event at the National Theatre ended with a dance drill which was topped by a significant question from the cast.

Osofisan said thatby sponsoring these major productions, Chams hadprovided employment for the cast and crew overmany months.

What a rare collection!

Literature Of The Month | Ireke Onibudo – Unravelling Nigeria

Beyond that, it was obvious he found relish in Yoruba proverbs and idiomatic expressions. He looked more excited.

In one scenario of his life, our hero falls from grace to grass and finds himself in a world where animals order him around and are responsible for if he stays alive or not.

He dreams upan assignment to fetch a missing treasure from Lang-bodo. Add to Cart Print. Gbenga has lived in South Africa for five years now. You can check CSS bookshop. It is even easier to believe that the Chams Theatre Series might also berth in those places soon, if only to prove that the theatre tradition in Nigeria does not begin in Ibadan and end in Oniburo after rolling through Lagos, Akure and Ondo.

Next in line for is the work Ireke Onibudo. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Long Journey of Discovery and Sharing. The beauty of the road show for Ireke Onibudo which started yesterday onlbudo that although it will be presented in Yoruba and English languages, there will be two different stories entirely from a single theme, as Prof Femi Osofisan and Prof.

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Hotel Review Rock Valley Hotel. A chief of the Yoruba, Fagunwa studied at St. I told him what he was missing in the area of the music lyrics.

Fagunwa’s Ireke Onibudo now on video

The narrators, a blend of characters and voices add to the overall dullness. He puts an interesting twist to thetale as the onibkdo accomplish the last of many teststhe good king of the nearest town to Langbodo givesthem. He saw it as a breeding place for wickedness, jealousy, ireje keeping, hatred and unending troubles that more often than not usually affected the children.

This iree was widely read back in the day and while the author might not have agreed with some aspects of Yoruba culture at least he did teach its readers about the way things were done which is missing alot these days. They arrive at the physi-cal location Langbodo and bring back to their home-land many goodies from the far away land.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Perhaps, there was just a chorus or two too many, but the overall effect was somewhat cheery. Thanks for stopping by. His story runs alongside a fable told by his dead mother. By the time, it got to onibdo Ile Ife onSeptember 24, enthusiasm and interestwas at fever pitch.