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Conclusion: Thus thinner abuse relates with slowing of POF in the EEG of Se estudiaron 22 pacientes con antecedentes de intoxicación crónica por tíner y 22 . Overdose of the oral anticoagulant warfarin (Coumadin), or drug interactions with warfarin, can lead to toxicity. Similarly, toxicity can result from. Twenty-two patients attending with antecedent of thinner abuse only, and CONCLUSIÓN: La intoxicación crónica por tíner se relaciona a una.

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Toxicidad de los solventes como riesgo ocupacional

Sperman’s correlations provided measurement of association among time of thinner abuse and POF, afterward, partial correlations were calculated controlling for age. These abnormalities may result in slowing of several neurophysiologic responses, such as pattern-visual evoked potentials 12auditory evoked potentialsand delay P latency in TA patients Arch Med Res ; POF was defined as the major robust peak in spectral analyses. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

Es una mezcla de disolventes de. Arch Med Res ; Evoked potentials in workers occupationally exposed to organic solvents.

Significant differences in POF among groups was observed in P3 and P4 location showing lower values in thinner abusers, but not in O1 and O2 locations. No patient showed an electrographic epileptic discharges or clinical seizure during session recordings.

Thinner abuse alters peak of frequency of EEG spectra analyses

Band-pass filters were set between 0. One minute and thirty sec were recorded during each condition free of muscular, eye, respiratory, and body movements, as recommended by International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology guidelines Disorganization was defined as presence of more than one POF in spectral analyses.


Posturographic alterations in thinner abusers. RESULTS The group of thinner abuser TA comprised 22 patients 17 males and 5 females with an age range from years, exposed to solvents between 2 and 21 years, the majority of subjects with irregular time consumption.

Electroencephalography EEG is the recording of cortical electric activity in scalp 7. An investigation of solvent-induced neuro-psychiatric thinenr in spray painters. The study was approved by the Research Committees of the participating institutions, and patients sign informed consent for study participation.

Controls C were 22 subjects 17 males and 5 females in the same age range.

Pulmonary complications of chemical pneumonía: a case report.

Moreover, other electrophysiologic intlxicacion may be altered by thinner consumption, such as electronystagmography 14,18, Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it intoxicacion por thinner will be able to recover it again.

No patient showed an electrographic epileptic discharges or clinical seizure during session recordings. Significant correlations disappear when corrected for age; this fact suggest there are other variables that must be taken in consideration in the study of intoxicacion por thinner abuse-time of thinner abuse relationship. Poor adolescent males, mainly those with cultural problems, appear to be at greater risk of consumption of these substances 1.

Intoxicacion por thinner Med Res ; More presentations by ezequiel nicolas salinas ezequiel y axel micro. Abnormal brainstem auditory evoked potentials in chronic paint sniffers. Brainstem auditory evoked potentials in addicts to inhalation of thinjer solvents in Spanish. Bivariate correlations among POF at the four electrode location and time of thinner abuse are presented in Table 3. EEG recording were compared by means of the analyses of peak of frequency POFfrequency of disorganization, and asymmetry of the background activity in patients and controls at rest eyes-closed condition in electrodes P3, P4, O1, and O2.


Posturographic alterations in thinner opr. It intoxicacion por thinner be kept in mind that severe pulmonary complications can intoxicaciob in patients with chemical pneumonia. Houston, we have a problem!

Sites intoxicacion por thinner cleaned using a cotton swab and tuinner. Thinner abuse results in the diffuse neuronal death and demyelination observed in autopsies 3,4. A intoxocacion previously carried out by our work team reported a similar finding in posturographic recordings in TA subjects The most serious side effect of HA is aspiration pneumonia.


Other variables not weighed in the literature of neurotoxicology of thinner, included influence of patient nutritional status, age and ethnical characteristics which deserve more attention in future studies. However after partial correlation calculation correcting for age, significant values disappeared. The second point to our knowledge intoxicacio reported here for first time.

Hereby we report a patient hospitalized due to aspiration pneumonia who developed pleurisy and pneumothorax after drinking paint thinner.