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Indiscretion [Jude Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . A deliciously entertaining novel of Austenesque love and misunderstanding. Indiscretion: A Novel, by Jude Morgan () From the desk of Katie P. Jane Austen. Georgette Heyer. The Regency. Those names instantly. Indiscretion by Jude Morgan – book cover, description, publication history.

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This book gets five stars from me! Exasperated by her predicament can Miss Fortune retain her reputation without indisdretion her head? If I hadn’t been so lazy, I would have marked them as I read, but I didn’t, and now I don’t feel like browsing the book for example ; Just go read it, you won’t regret it! After an indiscreet proposal from Leabrook and is turned down, he leaves and Caroline receives a letter from her mother’s sister.

Here is a young woman being outfitted at an upscale London shop by an elderly woman, a total stranger, and presumably molded to suit her employer’s sense of style and deportment. Selina Langland writes Caroline that her father has died and to come to the funeral. Thank you for making me juxe gift, to be sure! I wish the book had an Austen-style coda, instead of ending abruptly with the declaration of love again, like a Heyer novel.

The first part, with Caroline going to work for the irascible Mrs Catling, was intriguing and well written, although I was already wondering where the story was leading, but the country house shenanigans were hardly worth waiting for and the ending was morgam. It’s a true pleasure to read an author with both wit and something to say with indiscfetion.

What a delicious opportunity for indiscregion to spot card-sharps moggan turn tables! Be the first to discover new talent! All in all, I do hope this author writes more regency romances like this one. VhartPowers Dec 27, Caroline Fortune is a woman of good sense and good humor, both of which she’s needed in order to survive.

Jude Morgan deserves a wide and enthusiastic readership!


So subtle, and yet so beautiful! Jul 15, Jennifer rated it inxiscretion not like it Shelves: I was a bit startled out of my equilibrium by some passages in present tense but they don’t take away from the appeal of this novel, which Austen lovers should definitely read! Although uncomfortable with the plan Caroline resolves to make the most of this introduction to polite society, and her beauty and intelligence soon attract many admirers. Surely it would have felt odd; it might even have been painful or humiliating.

And the romance, heavens be praised! They enable me to really escape to a different time and place, and to lose myself completely in the story.

Indiscretion: A Novel, by Jude Morgan – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

I wish my mother was inidscretion around so that I could share this with her. Although Caro has better experience with gambling hells than genteel parlors, her father nevertheless manages to secure her a place with a cantankerous old lady. Book description When Caroline Fortune’s prodigal father loses all they possess, he arranges for his daughter to become the companion of the formidable but extremely wealthy and childless Mrs Catling.

The humor is a little more worldly than Austen’s and some lines could be construed as double entendres but Austen fans will enjoy reading about some familiar characters and situations in a completely new story.

Catling, Richard or Maria hide spoiler mrgan They are so human!


Our heroine, Miss Fortune that’s right, you read that correctly was a perfectly splendid character with a bit of the devil in her, but with also touches of affection and quick wit. Catling, but are they really what they seem? And will she find at least one good man amongst the genteel set who will take her side, and, indeed, her fancy? This is, after all, a story that counts among its exciting moments a crisis involving who will escort whom into the dining room.

But we never get to go to the milliner or see the dresses, we never get to feel Caroline’s wonder and delight–and surely such a young woman would feel that way. Does that make sense? The Unknown Ajax Georgette Heyer. Moreover, people keep taking her into their confidence, quite against her protests. Although Caro has better experience with gambling hells than genteel parlors, her father nevertheless manages to secure her a place with a cantankerous old lady.


Surrounded by people with an alarming readiness to reveal each other’s confidences, Caroline is exasperated to find herself unjustly implicated in their indiscretions.

INDISCRETION by Jude Morgan | Kirkus Reviews

She has a sportive kind of playfulness that stops just short of being snarky. I read this book long enough ago that another read through would be welcome. She had a quick tongue, an active fancy, and a turn for wit, but these she employed, in indiscretionn, somewhat as a shield behind which she could shelter. This novelist is a real gem. I’m really looking forward to reading more books by Morgan.

The Captain’s Wallflower Audrey Harrison. Much of the story is told in dialog.


Jude Morgan’s Austenesque novel started well enough, with a wryly cynical heroine fallen on hard times, but the plot was slow to develop and the characters never really came to life for me. And in the midst of it all, Caroline, with her unfailing countenance and brave face, only emerged from it all stronger in the end.

Recommended to Anne by: After a novel devoted to the doom-and-gloom of the Romantic poets Passion, British writer Morgan lightens the mood in this ironic social comedy laced with romance. Overall, I was delighted to discover this book, and maybe it’s just me, but the last line was an absolute gem. Please provide an email address. Morgan’s action takes place in the parlors and ball Finally, a modern writer who understands the essence of historical novels and knows how to capture that.

I especially like Stephen’s personality.

Relax, I won’t give it away. Thanks for a great review!