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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Accessibility following the “Design for all” approach is also an issue of public interest as it concerns the welfare of the general public while focusing on a growing part of the EU population namely disabled and older persons. Fragmentation also concerns, for example, the design of remote controls, sometimes requiring specific buttons for subtitles and audio and audio description.

The advantage of covering areas of public interest, like accessibility, in horizontal legislation relates to the coherence across sectors and consistency across legal instruments.

There is no mechanism in the Spanish standard or the Italian legislation for these national requirements to be updated to keep pace with the new guidelines, setting the scene for fragmentation to occur between these national requirements and those in the reviewed Section Both legal options would benefit from standards for their implementation.

From an accessibility policy perspective, the benefits of ensuring consistency between the obligations placed on the supply and the demand side obligations to buy accessible enshrined in the public procurement directives and obligations to manufacturers and service providers to place in the market accessible goods and services and across legal instruments for example those related to sectoral legislation referring to characteristics of the web will bring consistency in the internal market and will facilitate the establishment of a level playing field.

Those requirements could be different with respect accessibility standards used for the related websites. It builds on the flexibility of the user interface of products and their adaptability allowing for personal choices. Furthermore, in the area of ICT the presence of European companies in trade fairs for new accessible products is very limited lack of innovation. The internal market issues related to these accessibility services as the equivalent of voice telephony also concerns the use of real time text and video separately or in combination with voice across Member States, whether directly on personal communications, via relay services, or, for example, when calling the European emergency number from another Member State than the one where the telephony service was contracted.

They even mentioned that ” There is even a suspicion that countries are creating specific legislation based on protectionist considerations. This is the case for example in relation to specialist terminal equipment and related relay services. As a further benefit, persons with functional limitations, including persons with disabilities, will benefit from more choice of accessible goods and services and from lower prices.


This relates specifically to the uncertainty for industry of having different countries developing their own sets of accessibility requirements. Accessibility in the European Disability Strategy.

Further details and findings from these consultations can be found in Annex 2 6. Industry representatives indicated that EU action in this area should include a link to EU public procurement rules, because different accessibility requirements and legislation at different administration and sector levels hinders the functioning of the internal market. Usually RTT is provided as a separate service not connected to general voice telephony.

Comparison of Policy Options. The lack of standardised assessment and recording criteria means that even the existing range of accessible facilities is unclear and cannot be reliably assessed. The general objectives of this initiative are to improve the functioning of the internal market of specific accessible goods and services, while facilitating the work for industry and serving the needs of consumers, as well as to contribute to the goals of the Europe Strategy and the European Disability Strategy Finally, stakeholders’ views have been more extensively referred to throughout maministrazione.filetype report.

In other countries like the UK service providers are required to make their websites accessible but qmministrazione.filetype obliging a particular accessibility standard.

A Directive would be in line with the approach taken in previous Commission Communications and instruments and will ensure the free movement of the identified accessible goods and services without going beyond what is necessary in order to achieve that objective. The rules of this EU initiative would only complement that legislation.

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A wide range of studies were used to prepare this IA. In contrast, the European Lift Association refers to the positive effect that common rules on accessibility have had in Europe to dismantle market barriers: Digital terrestrial television DTT equipment includes digital decoders such as set-top boxes and iDTV integrated digital TVs and the remote control benchhmarking to use these. This will lead for example in divergent accessibility requirements related to computers, telephones, built environment, transport facilities.

These requirements typically take the form of target percentages of the broadcast programmes which need to be covered by accessibility services such as subtitling, audio description and sign language interpretation.


The linkage of the directives with a clear set of CEN standards is an excellent tool for making it possible for any manufacturer or component manufacturer in Europe to certify its products once and sell or install anywhere in the European Union and EEA. Preventing the market fragmentation and eliminating all barriers to the movement of accessible goods and services as well as encouraging qmministrazione.filetype and creativity in this area would also contribute to achievement of the EU long-term visions of a highly competitive social market economy, as presented in the Single Market Act I and II.

Construction products, as goods circulating freely in the market, are already regulated by EU law. No further action at EU level baseline scenario.

The most relevant goods amminietrazione.filetype services which are covered by the EU rules on public procurement would, similarly to all other goods and services, be those which are most relevant for the socio-economic integration of persons with disabilities into societies, i.

These countries are likely to benchmarkiny requirements that may not be fully aligned with already existing requirements and create further differences regarding the user interface, design and physical characteristics. Policy responses to address the internal market fragmentation for amministrzzione.filetype goods and services and in the area of public procurement would positively affect consumers.

Stakeholders from both the industry side and the disabled people organisations side highlighted the strong impact that making Europe fully accessible would have on the ageing European population, namely on the cost of ageing falling over the national social security systems.

An EU regulatory intervention leaving a certain margin of discretion to the Member States as to its implementation appears to be efficient to tackle the actual and upcoming problems of the functioning of the internal market. It builds on the accessibility costs for multiplied by the share of cross-border trade and the larger number of Member States expected to legislate for amministrazione.fkletype as well as their GDP taking into account projected market growth.

The EU legislation on public procurement, with an Internal Enlla legal base, contained non-compulsory provisions to take accessibility into account in calls for tenders.