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A national bestseller and one of the New York Public Library’s Books to Remember, An Instance of the Fingerpost is a thrilling historical mystery from Iain Pears. AN INSTANCE OF THE FINGERPOST [Iain Pears] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in Oxford in the s – a time and place of great. An Instance of the Fingerpost [Iain Pears] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Oxford, a servant girl confesses to a murder. But four.

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It is not surprising that the grudges cherished by those who had felt hard done by festered. A young fiingerpost is accused of his murder. While da Cola believes Sarah to be immoral and lacking in proper respect for her social betters, Prescott believes her to be a witch bent on his destruction, only one of several factors pointing to the workings of an increasingly unbalanced mind. A man who gives loyalty and understands the true responsibility of instanve word, not just when it is convenient, but from the first breath as he gives it to the last breath as he expires.

Because what are witness accounts instsnce not subjective interpretations of the truth? He did not realize that I saw, that instant, into his soul and perceived the devilish intent that lay hidden there, coiled and waiting to unleashed when all around had been lulled into thinking him a fool.

An Instance of the Fingerpost – Wikipedia

By what criteria do people judge one another? The narrators give each of the other characters their own voices; the way the four men perceived the people they are talking about. The variety among them is amazing! If you enjoy the rich historical texture of Lnstance. None of these people is completely reliable; each tells the story as he se 3.


Why did he even come to Oxford in the first place? Along with the A “novel” novel please pardon the attempted humorwhere unreliable narrators outnumber purported reliability by a long shot.

Peare some more sober nuggets: What is it with da Cola being do damned friendly as well!

Two of the narrators are the mathematician John Wallis and the historian Anthony Wood. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

An Instance of the Fingerpost Reader’s Guide

Read more Read less. In fact, I found I didn’t care who did it after reading about a third of this sizable novel. Fasci This is still the gold standard of all historical fiction for me. He comments extensively on English culture including a Shakepeare playfood it’s badand manners barbaric. Jun 12, Brooke rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Four “memoirs” written by four of the main characters. Views Read Edit View history.

It is easy to confuse Oliver Cromwell with Fingerposst Cromwell as both did rise to great heights of power. For the last few decades, the residents of Oxford as well as many of the subjects throughout England are wrestling over questions of religion, politics, and science. In An Instance of the Fingerpostwe have four thr of the same set of events.

But, because of this expectation-of-awesomeness and maybe a tiny smidgin because of sore wrists? Religion inspires a different kind of fear now but it is almost impossible to imagine a society governed by religious ritual.

Goodreads fingefpost you keep track of books you want to read. Each narrator is convinced of his own truth and may not necessarily be deceiving the reader. One of the bigger surprises for me would probably not surprise a history buff very much, but it’s still presented in a neat way that should interest someone who saw it coming.

An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears – Reading Guide – : Books

Because the United States, like Restoration England, is so divided over facts and the nature of truth, I cannot exclude as too fanciful the possibility of a Cromwellian theocrat or a Divine-Right-Demagogue who might make us actually miss the good old days of Trump–just as Trump makes us miss George W.

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In a technique used perhaps most famously by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa in his film Rashomon, Pears makes use of multiple narrators to tell his story. Jun 16, Jim rated it it was amazing Shelves: I actually liked An Fngerpost of the Fingerpost even better than the previous Iain Pears book I read, Stone’s Fallwhich I also found enjoyable and impressive and just a bit beyond me at times but not to the point where I couldn’t appreciate the reading experience.

Each of four narrators — a Venetian medical student, a young man intent on proving his late father innocent of treason, a cryptographer and an archivist — fingers a different culprit With rights sold for record-breaking sums around the world, An Instance of the Fingerpost is destined to become a peasr international publishing event.

But not because I thought he had been lying.

Did you find one narrator inherently more trustworthy than another? An unfortunate outcome, which those who believed in her guilt considered divine Providence.

An Instance of the Fingerpost

It is so nice to turn a healthy profit and save souls at the same time. A fellow of New College is found dead in suspicious circumstances. You won’t easily gingerpost able to put it down. What a perfect combination for a book!