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Equinox T, T and T (formerly Hypercom Optimum). Contents . If your terminal is set to manually settle, select Settle from the main menu and. Hypercom T Terminal Guide Hypercom T Terminal Guide. How to Batch verified. Merchant has option to manually deposit check. If this happens. Hypercom T PEDPack Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hypercom T PEDPack Quick Reference Manual, Quick Manual.

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The terminal should not allow the tender amount to be less than the sale amount. Step-by-Step To view the network statistics: Additional host-generated prompts and responses may occur in each procedure.

Step-by-Step To perform a Tender Amount transaction: The performance results are: The Shift and Paper keys are not included in the keyboard test.

Hypercom T PEDPack Manuals

Batch Review [Review] Review each captured transaction in the current batch. Auth Only Function 9 Verify funds availability and hold funds until the terminal receives a draft or capture transaction.


Function 96 Step-by-Step To view transaction response times: Only Sale, Debit, and Refund transactions can be hypercmo. The terminal prompts for the required check guarantee data, determined by the initialization options.

These options t44220 the general procedures and data entry prompts. The terminal displays the time in hour format military time.

Software Name and Revision: Step-by-Step To review a transaction: The merchant receipt starts printing.

After you press Find, the terminal requests an invoice number. If the total is correct, press YES.

The terminal prompts Read Card Now. The issuer can block voids.

Equinox / Hypercom t4220 User Manual

This operating mode affects transactions by providing for two amount fields: When all of your changes are made, press the Cancel key to return to the Idle prompt. T7Plus terminal supports standard electronic funds transfer EFT transactions for up to 32 card hypercim.

How easily can you find information in this guide? The merchant receipt starts printing if Preprint is enabled in Term-Master. XX appears on the PIN pad.


The following procedure describes a transaction requiring MICR information only. Step Terminal display Action Press the Reports key.

Equinox / Hypercom t User Manual |

When prompted, press the numeric key corresponding to the product name you want to insert in the message. Where do you usually look first to find information in this guide?

Step-by-Step To view the software name and revision: How do you use this guide? A multiple acquirer terminal prompts for the host number and dials the selected host.

There are also provisions for limiting access to handset or telephone options.

Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Manuals

A value of 0 runs the test continually. The Find function also displays voided transactions and reversals. This equipment uses RJ11 jack.