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Hayashi Monnyu (7p). Honinbo Shusaku (7p). W+ Murase Shuho (6d). Honinbo Shusaku (7d). B+R. Hayashi Monnyu (7d). – Go Games, Go Information and Go Study Tools. Honinbo Shusaku: ‘Invincible’ Go player wins a Google doodle. Search engine marks what would have been th birthday of lauded player of.

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The stories of Jowa’s deviousness and Shusaku’s filial piety have been replayed many times both as fact and as popular fiction. This section does not cite any sources.

Games by Shukaku

Ota was doing well until the 11th game, when Shusaku started to fight back. Edit page Discuss page 3.

This page was last edited on 22 Juneat In the following years, he made steady progress up the ranks, reaching 4 dan inafter which he again returned home for a prolonged period. A new game was started with Shusaku just playing black, the ear-reddening game.

In the books Ishigaya gave positive accounts of Shusaku’s character and started using the term Go Sage when referring to him. The games were played once a week, faster than a typical game match. On September 3, he died at the age of thirty-three. Although spectator’s recognized Shusaku’s strength as the reason for victory rather than Ota’s weaknessthey also recognized Ota’s tenacity for having managed to keep Shusaku at tagaisen for so long.

After some mediation, the Asano clan relinquished its claim on Shusaku, allowing Shusaku to become Shuwa’s heir in Ota had lost once more, and the venue was changed to a more neutral one.


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I would guess that the parents of any budding professional would love him to grow up like Shusaku, a perfect filial son and pupil.

He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because shusakuu his castle games performance. On 28 NovemberShusaku was awarded a professional 1- dan diploma by Honinbo Jowa. It was thought as a great achievement, having a tie after taking white, so much that it was used, along with Shusaku’s calling up for the castle games, as an excuse to adjourn the match.

The seeds of Shusaku’s ascension to Go Sage were first sown by Shusaku enthusiast Ishigaya Kosaku with the publication of Kogyoku YoinShusaku Koketsu Kifuand erection of a large, memorial gravestone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

– Honinbo Shusaku ( [1])

The stew was allowed to simmer untilwhen post-war Japan began looking back at characters who could be lifted-up to embody the traditional Japanese ideals. Today, Shusaku’s reputation is still somewhat inflated in the West, where most readers have access only to a limited number of texts.

The following stats are from the remaining games where the results were clear. So when the volume publication of the shuusaku games see: Ina cholera epidemic swept through Japan. Retrieved from ” https: Gennan played a new joseki opening variation in a cornerand Shusaku erred in responding.

Shusaku at Sensei’s Library

However, Shusaku proved the stronger player and continued to grow during the match. Shusaku had many problems with Ota, and only in managed to reach tagaisen against him. Gennan, realizing that shjsaku had no chance of winning, left the game honjnbo and started a new game with Shusaku taking Black. After the games, Shusaku headed back to Edo and upon his arrival heard that he had been promoted to 5-dan.


He fought back hard, but still by the time of the middlegame, all the people watching the game thought Gennan was winning, except for one, a doctor. After game 23, in which Ota managed to get a jigo with White, Ota discontinued the series.

In Japan, where the go public has access to much more literature, a more objective balance has been struck. He himself would probably love to play like Jowa. In the first game of this encounter, Shusaku took two stones. His grade also increased, he finally reached 7 dan, although it is not known exactly when—some think in while others say in Inthe publication of Zain Danso revealed a negatively biased account of Honinbo Jowa’s intrigues towards securing the position of Meijin Godokorotarnishing Jowa’s reputation.

Ina cholera epidemic broke out in Edo, and several disciples shusak the Honinbo house caught the disease. He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of his castle games performance.