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“And I absolutely adore Hollowpoint. I have been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now, so many different systems, different genres, etc. I’ve never played a. Hollowpoint, by VSCA, “is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. INTRODUCTION. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically.

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Thursday, October 27, Hollowpoint: Turn on your fellows and you move on. These traits can by physical features, like a scar; memories of past missions; or objects, souvenirs of past events and deeds. It’s worth mentioning how smartly the authors provide examples- copious but not overwhelming, providing answers to some of the corner cases of the system. It’s ideally suited holoowpoint a single evening’s play and encourages regular character death because, hey, this shit’s dangerous.

Both examples are well presented hollowpint really help make clear how the system works. Nykki reports on her Gencon experience!

The GM looks at the various complications so they can kick the game in that direction during the session. A great play report using Hollowpoint to run a Skyrim campaign! And could that be done without making radical changes to the set up? Those campaign will have to be short because characters will die. Most people have a zero in everything. At any point in the process, players may burn one of their traits to gain two extra dice.


Next, players choose five traits. Authors Brad Murray and C. I mean it can’t be a commentary, can it, that the introduction sets up the players to be heartless and remorseless killers and then cites Gault’s “Some Remarks on Slaughter” and Grossman’s On Killing.

G2P – Hollowpoint

Players rank skills from best to worst, getting five dice for their best and one less for each step down. Hollowpoint Agent Character Sheet. The Ref rolls dice, too, which represent ALL of the threats in that scene. However, once something becomes contested in a scene, the mechanics shift over to conflict, at which point the dice come out.

With that in mind, we came up with three versions- Ars Magica: Newer Post Older Post Home. The important concept in a mission to to create two distinct but connected objectives. The chick we need to assassinate is my girlfriend.

Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint | Diehard GameFAN

Add tags Tags separate by space: Players roll and cause general effects, which allow them to escape by applying violence and fear. Hollowpoint sets itself a tight set of design objectives and meets those.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. Core Rules min needed to play. The most obvious of these would be the Grand Tribunals of the Hermetic Order. They remain in the scene until it is over, or they chose to move on. My gamer wife read through the rules and came away with admiration for the precision and design.


She says it is the best written and produced game she never wants to play. I have a couple of other thoughts I didn’t put in the review We were plotting rpt movies The Losers in particular translates very well using Hollowpoint ‘s rules, we were assigning key stats to the characters from Leverage and talking about using traits as a flashback-mechanic to explain how the outlandish cons worked, and we were unanimously voting Hollowpoint our new go-to pickup game shooting [redacted] in the head and carelessly kicking the corpse off the throne.

Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint

The execution matches the ambition, which is more than I can say for a lot of games. Hollodpoint play, players have the opportunity to narrate the how of these actions, casting the story as they wish.

Please select a support frequency. On the other hand, you could broaden out the conflict types- as Hollowpoint does- to make for a game which might combine battles, intrigue, and courtly competition. It actually deals with a narrow set of models.