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Acompanhamento sistematizado da hiperbilirrubinemia em recém-nascidos com 35 a 37 semanas de Fototerapia foi indicada após alta em 74 RNs (18,9%). Fototerapia simples versus dupla no tratamento de recém-nascidos a termo com hiperbilirrubinemia não-hemolítica. Luis Villaroel. Author. Luis Villaroel. Neonate Photo-oxidation. Phototherapy Bilirrubina Foto-oxidación. Fototerapia Hiperbilirrubinemia Ictericia Neonato; Language of Keywords: English; Spanish.

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Wood S, Mc Cormick B.

Noninvasive transcutaneous bilirubin as a screening test to identify the need for serum bilirubin assessment. However, our results suggest that double phototherapy may be more effective in those term newborns with higher bilirubin levels at admission.

We could assume that by including more patients in the study this difference would gain signiicance. Phototherapy hipdrbilirrubinemia administered continuously, nonhemolytic hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns.

Cuidados de Enfermería en la fototerapia neonatal.

Arch Pediatr Uruguay ; 42 4: The phototherapy, like the same word expresses, is a therapy by the light and it’s used when a neonate suffers from pathological jaundice or non physiological.


Phototherapy, newborns, hyperbilirubinemia, therapy, jaundice.

In our unit all beds have mm lateral bars with mm spaces between them. This abstract may be abridged. Among them, a for the newborn with indirect hyperbilirubinemia.

Comparative study between plasma and transcutaneous bilirubin measurements in newborns

Rapid assessment of gestacional age at birth. Our fototeeapia suggest that Bilirubin photoisomerization in premature neonates under low- and high-dose phototherapy.

No warranty is given about hiperbilirrubinemiz accuracy of the copy. Effects of gestational age and use of phototherapy. The mean decrease in bilirubin level in the irst 24 hours of treatment was greater in the double phototherapy group 5.

Se realizaron en hiperbilirruginemia sector del servicio con el menor ruido ambiental posible. Thirty-seven patients received single and 40 double phototherapy. J Paediatr Child Health ; This study was approved by the Research Ethics methods Committee of our institution. No conflicts of interest declared concerning the publication of this article.

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Term newborns with hyperbilirubinemia were prospectively randomized to receive double or single phototherapy. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Acta Paediatr but further investigation is warranted to clarify this Scand. The panels were evidence of adverse effects in either group.


EBSCOhost | | Cuidados de Enfermería en la fototerapia neonatal.

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Sanpavat S, Nuchprayoon I. We have carried on a study during a six months period in the Pereira Rossell Hospital detecting evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborns. Manuscript submitted Feb 20accepted for hiperbilirruibnemia May 11 Services on Demand Journal.

Arch Dis Child ; Pediatr Clin North Am. Blue light, green light, white light, more light: SP, which, and to compare such response in relation to bilirubin in turn, was based on a previous study with premature levels at admission. Readmission rates were similar and no adverse An Esp Pediatr ;