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Sept. · · · · · © Hermann Detering. Powered by WordPress | Theme: Graphy von Themegraphy. René Salm has so far compiled 26 web pages addressing Hermann Detering’s “ new” argument for Christian origins involving influences from. In the Fall issue of The Journal of Higher Criticism, an author named Herman Detering offers an item titled The Falsified Paul. The dedication tells the story.

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Paul — The Non-Jew. Marcion from Pontus doesn’t write of Simon from Samariabut of Paul. Sand, der unaufhaltsam dahinrieselt.

Hermann Detering

Detering counters this protective tendency to some extent by citing the Radical Critics as a school with a history and positioning bermann work as belonging to this school. It reflects well on you. Before beginning, and so I do not forget, I will note a point made by the reader who requested this project.

I immediately perceived its significance, but put the article aside until more time became available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the last decade, however, his thought has moved more and more into nontraditional areas. detwring

Hermann Detering – IMDb

He than proposes that the real Paul was one and the same with the person of Simon Magus. Also, if Paul has been told that he had a job to do by the Risen Jesus, it hardly makes sense deterinv him to immediately go back home where he will likely be executed or imprisoned. Original and Forgery in Early Christianity.


By similarly contrived linguistic efforts, Detering finds in Paul’s letters evidence of Marcion’s dualism and Gnosticism.

Alles, was nicht unser eigenes Werk ist. The empiricist in me wanted to give it 5, because of the importance of the book’s achievement. Das ewige Licht wird ihnen leuchten. One the god of the Old Testament, whose concern is rightegiousness. No deterign or quizzes yet.

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Preview — The Fabricated Paul. Detering also seems to assume here that “apostle” is a formal title, when in fact it simply means someone who is sent, and could be applied to anyone sent on a mission trip. Joseph M Mouer rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Featured Resource Defining Inerrancy. Detering takes the attacks of the Pseudo-Clementines as literal and historical, and suggests that the attacks of the Pseudo-Clementines are correct in making “Simon Magus” heramnn proxy for Paul of Tarsus[3] with Paul originally been detested by the church, and the name changed when Paul was rehabilitated by virtue of forged Epistles correcting the genuine ones.

The letters were around, but not yet attributed to Paul [73], which doesn’t seem to explain why Justin doesn’t mention the deyering author of germann letters, or at least say, “according to these letters which go around anonymously. Thanks defering your very elaborate review!

It argues that Christianity emerged from a gnostic substratum, and that the figure Jesus of Nazareth and the New Testament gospels are second century CE developments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Hermann Detering and Robert M. Price |

This book shows that all the Pauline letters are all 2nd-Century fabrications, Catholically redacted from Marcionite gnostic dualist-god original versions. This English translation of the book was an entire issue of the Journal of Higher Criticism: Detering remarks almost at once upon what he finds to be the oddity of Paul saying so little about Jesus.

It is not enough to say that Plutarch, for example, was “open to all religious movements” of his time and then stand back amazed that Paul is not mentioned despite this.

There is an irony in Detering in that he dispenses with Acts based on incompatibility with the Pauline letters, even though he argues that those letters are entirely inauthentic. There’s another matter as well: Stephen would not become a leading example versus someone like James simply because he was not a community leader whose example would be the one to be followed.

I believe that seminal event was colossally important for the West and has been greatly underestimated. Und dein Aug — wohin steht dein Auge?

Paul as an Apostle of Circumcision. Please try your request again later. Early Christianity In The Twilight. I posted a comment but it disappeared? A Final Open Question.