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Er ist wieder da has ratings and reviews. Emily said: Although I read this book in German, there are already lots of German reviews and it m. Look Who’s Back is a bestselling German satirical novel about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes, Author, Timur Vermes. Language, German . “Ha, ha, Hitler”. Buy Ha Vuelto by Timur Vermes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)

Wickedly wicked and with a fresh perspective on communication, on perceptions about the world we live in. It often is paired with another question: There’s humour in many things Hitler does and gets confronted with.

This novel allows for vueltoo, showing how a man like Hitler, would not be as scrutinized for his ideals today as he was right after the Second World War, he becomes a representation of oppressive movements right now that are not being seen as a threat, even though they are.

Not only does this book absolutely ridicule Hitler’s beliefs as it shouldit also makes fun of our modern culture. This novel is obviously not for everyone, but I personally enjoyed every moment I read it, even if it was unsettling how much I liked it.

Movie Info After waking up to find himself in the 21st century, Adolf Hitler decides to pursue a career as a standup comedian.

Nurse enters the toom: Dann jedoch begreift er erstaunlich schnell, was diese neue Welt ihm zu bieten hat. I really hope this book to have vermea sequel, because the ending was not solved and even if sometimes I thought, ‘damn, I shouldn’t laugh about this’ there are some parts very funny, not just easy jokes.

I was promised a funny book, but at times it felt like a history overload not in a good way rather than a political satire. If this works out, you can always advance to bigger book projects, such as making an avuncular, likable protagonist out of Saddam Hussain or Nero — Nero, I said, not Nehru, stupid!

In fact, facial hair is something that is grown by the uneducated, by barbarians, by people who only want chaos and evil, by people without God. It often is paired with another question: His father fled from Hungary after the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution of Or it gets better? In he started to ghostwrite books, including a bo Vermes was born in Nuremberg in He deliberately wrote this as a satire, to show the dangers of Hitlers thoughts and the ignorance towards those timud from anyone else than Hitler himself Or just the one who’s regarded vermss someone else.


Und ja – diese Szenen sind gut gelungen. See all 6 questions about Ha vuelto….

The murderer of all these people is not a comic figure. The part inhabited by us. The way people swarmed around Hitler, despite what he was saying, showed really how dangerous this way of living is.

I even laughed with Hitler’s character once. The book is very clever, the author was very intelligent indeed.

Providence had presented the German Volk with the wonderful, magnificent opportunity for timmur, and it was being squandered on the production of leek rings.

The audiobook read by Christoph Maria Herbst also reached the top spot. Hitler wakes up in modern Berlin, in the summer ofis quite confused at first, but, as he so proudly points out Repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedlyhe’s the kind of guy who’s so focused on achieving his goal that he ignores the fact that 1.

That’s the mistaken question which seems to drive much of the controversy over this wildly popular novel in which Adolf Hitler, by mechanisms vueoto are wisely left unexplained, returns from the dead and finds himself whole and well in modern day Germany.

Can someone help me? And looking at some of the views expressed in the wider debate about this book, I wonder vueltl a threat to the open society may not come from those wishing to protect it as much as from those sworn to destroy it.

Bestseller-Roman “Er ist wieder da” – Ha, ha, Hitler – Kultur –

Has he finally met his match? Which I understand, really, since, yeah, that generation is far more likely to be so opposed even towards a satire. Zudem ist die Sprache einfach wunderbar.


I ended up skimming a lot because I wasn’t enjoying it, which meant I missed a lot of the so called ‘funny parts’. Darf ich dieser oder jener Aussage denn zustimmen? In my humble opinion, this book gives a quite scary account on exactly the opposite. A film with irreverent humor and a surprising significance in their country of origin. And the rest of the book, I veemes afraid to say, feels rather innocuous. For the film, see Look Who’s Back film. The plot was a little thin, but the dialogue, speechwriting, and of course the Hitler guy’s acting was superb.

Adolf Hitler erwacht im Jahrversucht sich mit unserer Welt anzufreunden bzw. Because people now are different.

Look Who’s Back – Wikipedia

Actually, I had trouble deciding what this bermes was about Paperbackpages. Nurse enters the toom: But it is not by suppression of ideas seen as potentially harmful that freedom is protected.

Feel free to do so, I’d love to hear other thoughts on this book and my review. What would happen if Hitler went out to buy razorblades?

How dare you allow yourself to be lured in by this man? Considering some of the messages about general German war guilt, I am impressed that this has been such a big seller in Germany. I have this book, I actually started reading it but I didn’t really liked the beginning so I dropped because I had a lot of books to read at the time.

The vuelot starts in the summer of in Berlin, where Adolf Rimur wakes to find himself in a vacant lot. It could have been 8 million; 12 million by The rise of Nazism was due to Hitler and the Nazi party appealing to velto more human side of people, from the poverty they were experiencing, to religion, to injustice, all through blaming the other and dehumanizing them. It was a taboo story, but it never disrespected victims or made the reader empathise for the horrors of world war 2.

My review on Amazon went live today.