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Thank you everyone who joined us for our webinar about Groovy scripting in SoapUI. Click here to download the example project files we used in the Webinar . Use this test step to execute Groovy or JavaScript code from your tests. You can only debug scripts in the SoapUI Groovy Script test step. You can only debug . All SoapUI Pro support resources in one place. Easy access to product documentation.

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If you already have an assertion with the same name, you will be prompted to specify the unique assertion name. Integration with external systems for reading or writing data. The string argument specifies the reason. Sample groovy code to perform the Database Verification is explained in Step 6. This is the groovy step which will handle the test matching of the response fields with the data obtained from the database. Following screen shot shows the groovy test steps hierarchy which has been explained above.

You can modify test step settings in its editor: However, merely stopping before certain operations or lines is often a great help in tracking what your test is doing. This executes the entire test in debug mode. You can run any test step in the current test case. To extend your scripts, you can also use the Script Library. Add the tutoril line: Similarly, response values from the JDBC test step will also be fetched into a sequential array of strings.


Goovy opens the Groovy script editor and enables the following commands:.

For example the following script randomly selects the next test step: Here is the sample code that will remove the assertion created in the example above. In such case excel will have Customer Identification number as Input.

Click the image to enlarge it.

SOAP UI Groovy Automation Framework To Test API Field Data Validation – developerWorks Recipes

Name Description Description Text describing the test step. To remove an assertion, use the removeAssertion method. Buy Contact Blog Community Login.

It will also include setting up global custom properties and taking data input from excel. If you click while the debugger is disabled, you will be prompted to restart ReadyAPI scriptt enable it.

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When the test run reaches a breakpoint, it stops. ReadyAPI uses the tools.

Groovy Script Test Step

For example you can post any message you want by using the log. And the test case will have four below test steps: If you find inappropriate content, please use Report Abuse to ecript us know.

You can run debugging in two ways: As the framework can gutorial triggered on single click, it makes it easy for anyone to execute the test and study the response. Applies to ReadyAPI 2. For example, the following code snippet runs ten random requests before executing the remaining script:.


Install JDK locally or on a different computer tutoroal have access tutlrial. They are neither monitored nor endorsed by IBM. There are two ways to fail the test run from your scripts: Unlike the ReadyAPI installation package, the binary package does not include the required Java files.

The following code snippet creates a foo property that will be available in another groovy script:. The test will stop on every breakpoint it encounters in Groovy Script test steps. Once above files have been downloaded. Highlight search results Highlight search results. For more information on community content, please refer to our Terms of Use. Modifying to test step assertions during the test run. To enable Groovy debugging in a binary installation:. Use the getPropertyValue method to get a property object.

This is the groovy step which will govern the entire framework run. To invoke it, in the editor, type the object name and a period for instance, testRunner.

For example the following script randomly selects the next test step:.

Groovy Script Test Step | Documentation

Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. Complex validation of messages that is not possible with default assertion mechanisms. This will include the database connection and SQL query to fetch the required details from the table.