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This explosively entertaining memoir abounds in gossip, satire, historical apercus , and trenchant observations. Vidal’s compelling narrative. Vidal’s account of his first 39 years includes his reminiscences of a host of prominent Gore Vidal, Author Penguin Books $20 (p) ISBN Aside from being an essayist, novelist and screenwriter, Gore Vidal in his memoir Palimpsest that he was “attracted to adolescent males”.

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For half a century, Gore Vidal has been living selfishly and hedonistically, because all this time he has been living for two. Unfortunately Nabakov’s publishers told him no, as they believed that people wouldn’t want to go into a bookshop and have to ask for a book whose title they couldn’t pronounce. The chief enchantment of this book has not to do with the celebrated dust-ups between himself and Mailer, himself and Capote, himself and Tennessee Williams, or himself and William Buckley.

Number 6 in series. Vidal, through his own hard work, had a considerable fortune to dispose of, and none of it went to any of those so eagerly waiting to see themselves in the list of fortunate beneficiaries. Jan 09, Sam rated it liked it.

The thing that really struck me is his selfishness. By the time we reach the final act of the book, he meets with the woman Jimmie was engaged to at the time of his death. His ideas about himself and others are sometimes farcical.

Memoir of the American author. A weakness, though, of “Palimpsest” is Vidal’s decision not to discuss these books and their consequences in greater detail.

Vidals incredible life and his wit is consistent throughout. Aug 01, Greg Heaton rated it liked it.

Palimpsest: A Memoir

So Vidal got to use it and appear even more erudite. Vidal ran for political office twi Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays. Interviews with Jon Wiener. At a critical juncture early in his career, he decided to go ahead with the publication of his groe novel, The City and the Pillar, over the objections of his agent.

Elsewhere among the crosses and headstones one may find Upton Sinclair, Nobel laureate and defeated Socialist candidate for the governorship of California, Alice Warfield Mien mother of Wallis Simpson and Alice Roosevelt Longworth, grande dame of Washington dynastic bitchery.


According to Vidal, “I have just now looked up the earliest meaning of palimpsest.

Nov 06, Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: He seems egoistic and arrogant. Topics Gore Vidal Opinion.

Unfortunately most of that juice is squeezed out of socialites and intellectuals of the s, most of whom are long forgotten except, obviously, by Vidal. Did he really look like that? Very frank, both about events and personalities, as well as about the limitations of memory and perspective.

Hobson rated it liked it. Palimpsesh by newest oldest recommendations. He moves seamlessly between describing FDR’s inauguration parade, his friendship with Amelia Earhart, his rivalry with Truman Capote, and his lunch with the Duke and Duchess of W I’m not a huge fan of Gore’s novels, but this memoir, and to a slightly lesser extent its followup Point to Point Navigation is fascinating and entertaining. He was a marvelous writer with a marvelous vocabulary but his memoir sounded like gossip.

Palimpsest by Gore Vidal | : Books

The vdial of the male world, inaccessible to women because they have their own equally inaccessible to us, is also for most men too strange or even alarming to venture into, which I think is what is being indicated here.

Jan 05, M. He did have a lifelong companion, but according to Vidal their relationship was premissed on “no sex”. How can you even know what love is when you vival so young?

Grace Kelly at the time of her marriage is fat and rapidly ageing, willing to play princess on a rock above a casino to escape the fate of Loretta Young and Joan Crawford – that of an gasp old actress in the makeup chair before everyone else.

Gore Vidal Talks Politics: Number 2 in series. Vidal himself even stood or ran for election at the time that Jack Kennedy was running for President, though he did not have a high opinion of most of the other members of the Kennedy administration, or of Kennedy himself, whom he regarded as a warmonger.

Fun, if not necessarily truthful, read.

Nonostante sia una voce diretta della cultura americana, nonostante racconti retroscena divertenti e sconosciuti, nonostante si parli di ogni personaggio famoso dagli anni 40 in poi, non riesce affatto ad essere coinvolgente. Written in the sumptuously arch manner familiar to anyone who has seen a Vidal clip on YouTube, the memoir establishes a warm if prickly tone, and treats the reader as an intelligent confidant e for the duration.


Senhor de um estilo exuberante, multifacetado e sempre surpreendente, publicou, ema autobiografia Palimpsest: This memoir covers the first forty years of the Vidal saga, alighting on his blind senator Grandpa, savage alcoholic mother, childhood sweetheart, licentious sex life, and endless hobnobbery with the most prominent actors and politicians of the period as he mosies up the Hollywood ladder and cosies up with Kennedys.

Because, really, all this sordid titillation is by-the-bye. Vidal’s lengthy disquisition on the Kennedys is easily the most self-indulgent and boring chapter in the book. With an Introduction by John Miller. This is a memoir of the first 40 years of Gore Vidal’s life, ranging back and forth across a rich history.

His endless witty repartee is surely only a part of memories reworked and rewritten in the style of a palimpsest. Another thing was equally certain, that as soon as he was safely dead a whole flock of carrion crows and a swarm of biliously-disposed serpents would have a field day. The worst part about this book is that in it, GV dishes out scandal like the rent is due tomorrow. I suppose if you can easily switch between novels, TV and film, if you’ Gore Vidal was a massive dickhead.

Then come schooldays at St Albans and Exeter; the army; life as a literary wunderkind in New York, London, Rome and Paris in the ’40s and ’50s; sex in an age of promiscuity; and a campaign for Congress in Yet what exactly is it: Forster on the other hand, tend to get the cold shoulder for their frousty snobbishness. It is easy to idealize someone who has died.

Palimpsest by Gore Vidal

And he comes up ivdal fun devices, like excerpting passages from others’ writings that involve him, and then contradicting those other writers. Glamorous in palmier days, Mrs Eugene Vidal, as she briefly was, was not an ideal figure of a woman or a mother. He loses a congressional Democrat seat in NY, but it’s only due to Jack Kennedy’s lack of popularity.