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Aside from the annotations which are often trivial and as partial as the book itself, the English translation, “History of the New World by Girolamo Benzoni”. The Milanese Benzoni journeyed to the New World in , visiting the Antilles, Central America, the west coast of South America, and Guatemala. His Historia. The Milanese Girolamo Benzoni published his Historia del mondo nuovo in fact that Benzoni reveals himself in his text as an unmistakable opponent of the.

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Caribs were labeled cannibals and subjected to enslavement, while Aruacas Arawaks were not cannibals and therefore enjoyed legal protections.

After that nothing is known of Benzoni. Benzoni was not a gifted writer. He sets up a very clear asymmetrical dichotomy between the indigenous and the Europeans, with religion as his first line of demarcation: Catholic Online on Facebook Catholic social network.

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Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Conquistadors viewed indios benzoji sources of labor and tribute. Perfect for classroom use, this is a lively, vivid firsthand account of the adventure and wonder of the New World. The Indians kill their children in abominable ways, but only to save them from greater abuses at the hands of the Spaniards.

Advertise on Catholic Online Your ads on catholic. Benzoni, while not unsuccessful in what he undertook, conceived an inveterate benzonl of the Spanish people and Government and in return for the protection given him and for favors which he was compelled reluctantly to acknowledge, wrote and published a book of diatribes and accusations against Spain in America. Review quote “[A] very readable, nimble translation.

Although indios were always required to pay tribute and were benzpni from holding many political and ecclesiastical offices, they were also considered special subjects of the king and were granted many rights denied to other non-Spanish groups, such as Africans and people of mixed race.

It might be called a controversial document because of its violent partiality and hostility. In all areas, Spaniards sought to negotiate with local leaders and identify local rivalries. But he often presents these atrocities in concert with the even greater horrors perpetrated by the Spaniards. We have left these in the text and explained them in the notes. This new edition will add yet another indispensable primary document to our collection of historical references for Anglophone students.


In the pages that follow, the reader is carried along on a journey of discovery, adventure, and at times political intrigue. In imposing the burdens of tribute and forced labor, the Spanish frequently exempted indigenous elites, especially caciques local rulers. It spanned the yearsproviding detailed descriptions of native flora and fauna, exciting narration of harrowing exploits, and a surprisingly critical perspective on the expanding Spanish Empire’s methods of conquest and governance, in which Benzoni highlighted the struggles of indigenous peoples.

Top Searches st elizabeth Saint Anthony St. Saint of the Day St. Benzoni writes sometimes like a disappointed trader, and always as a man of limited education and very narrow views. This article was transcribed for New Advent by Joseph E. That move sparked a brief encounter between the Spaniards and the French from to Although Benzoni frequently sides with Native Americans against what he perceives or at least portrays as the savage Spanish, cannibalism is a recurring theme in his History.

After its initial publication in Italian inThe History of the New World was reissued in and quickly translated and girolwmo in LatinFrenchGermanand Dutchas noted gifolamo.

Even these are not always faithfully reported. At its core, the Black Legend portrays Spaniards as harsh conquerors and colonizers, ruthless in their dealings with Native Americans and exploitive of the land and people under their rule.

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Never Miss any Updates! The book purported to present facts and describe events that Benzoni himself had witnessed. Moreover, the translation, though serviceable, is clunky and more than a little dated. Europeans were able to read about a dozen more translations and editions by the end of the sixteenth century, and quite a few more in the early seventeenth.

The History of the New World : Benzoni’s Historia del Mondo Nuovo

It is difficult to judge just how successful he was at finding his riches. Controversy came to surround that Historia del Mondo Nuovo itself. The initial union of Castile and Aragon probably did not worry other European kingdoms.


They understood their world within that framework and transmitted it to their readers. In most cases, the transitions went smoothly, but on occasion, the attempt to assert royal authority could lead to civil war.

The same team issued a French translation in Its anti-Spanish rhetoric represents an understudied but historically significant contribution to the Black Legend of Spanish colonialism. His reports on the conquests of Mexico, and Peru bristle with errors.

Several editions were published in rapid succession; translations were made into English as well as into several other languages. This practice helped to forge ties between the indigenous elites and the Spanish, ties that were sometimes furthered through marriage when conquistadors married the daughters of caciques.

He dedicated it to Pope Pius IV. Hi readers, it seems you use Catholic Online a lot; that’s great! InFrancesco Sforza died without an heir, leaving the Duchy of Milan without a native ruler. What authority did you use to make war against them who lived at peace on their territories, killing them cruelly with methods never before heard of? The second, the path Benzoni followed, expanded east and south to the Lesser Antilles, the northern coastline of South America, Panama, the Pacific, and eventually Peru.

Benzoni also used the idiomatic Mori Moorsin reference to all Africans and people of African descent in the New World, regardless of their actual place of origin. Like many of his contemporaries, he sought adventure.

Subsequently he returned to Italy. Benzoni departed for the Americas inwar breaking out around him again as France and Spain fought for control of his homeland. InAntonio de Montesino, a Dominican friar, preached an impassioned sermon that criticized the residents of Santo Domingo for their mistreatment of indigenous subjects.