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Understand their properties; 1. It is needed to sens an email to the teacher in charge of the course. Exercises dealing with the following topics: To interpret and draw a figure, whose orthographic views are known.

Geometric aspects of linear regression and correlation.

Pedro Puig Adam

Please fill in your query. Exercises related to lesson 1 basic geometrical concepts.

Use computer-assisted design software to solve simple problems, and use the conic system to represent a specific engineering structure. Definition of basic elements that are part of a roof and description about how to solve the problem of a roof with contour maps. In ce, a projection direction and a figure will be given and the view of the figure demanded.


Curso de geometria metrica – Pedro Puig Adam – Google Books

Or at agreed hours via email. La introduccion del numero real en secondaria: Exercises where in addition of the direct view of a figure, its opposite view is demanded. No other oportunity is planed. A complete syntax description you will find on the General Help page.

Introduction to chaos theory. Basic tools in metric geometry: The maximum mark for the reassessment test is five 5. Ruler-and-compass constructions and demonstrations; Floor plans; Technical metrrica The conic system.

To know how to represent the most common surfaces spheres, cones, cylinders.

metria Number theory with computer applications. On the introduction of the concept of irrationality in secondary education: The case of arbitrary point on view observed will be also considered. Concepts of dismantling and embankment.

Una leccion de analisis: Describe how to represent surfaces. Representation of points, lines and planes by using cavalier projection.

Central projection of simple figures are done. The 4 hours in the large size groups gwometria devoted to theoretical lectures, in which the teacher presents the basic concepts and topics of the subject, shows examples and solves exercises. The final course mark N will be calculated as follows: In that cases, the central projection is a segment and specific methodologies are explained.


Exercises where some transformation is applied to the figure rotations will be considered. Problems relating to Pell and Pell-Lucas polynomials.

Explaining how to perform basic geometric operations intersection of planes, adaam of lines and planes, Algunos problemas relacionados con los polinomios de Lucas y de Pell. Defining the orthogonal axonometric perspective To draw simple figures.

Basic theory for the case of aerial views done with central projection the image plane parallel to the base plane.

Pedro Puig Adam | LibraryThing

A posteriori notifications are only considered in case of big emergency. Produce floor plans for a specific engineering structure; 3. On completion of the course, students will have acquired the ability to: Definition and classification of various types of projections that will be used throughout the course.

Introduction to the concept of “precision” and “approximation” when representing a topography. Exercises that include aspects related to lessons 3 and 4 polygons and circles.