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has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares experimental crap of the worst gh I would l. is one of those books that ought to be gimmicky but isn’t. It’s descriptions of people on a London underground train, all described. [Geoff Ryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A cult classic in the making. is the novel about everyone you’ve ever met and.

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Without doubt this is an ambitious undertaking.

I bought this book many years ago when it was first published and it has sat gathering dust on my shelves ever since. Actually, it would have cured the person in the deep coma, because they would This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares “experimental” crap of the worst sort. This book gives you all that.

The conceit is relatively clever, and some of the character descriptions are good–I enjoyed the pigeon, the fanfic writer, and the snuggler–but overall I don’t get any sense that these individual moments are leading up to anything. Jan 16, William Mansky rated it it was amazing.

However, its translation into print has robbed it of the ability to lay bare those connections. None of the above is meant to be a criticism; as an experiment, this one is, in my opinion, radically successful, as it never seems gimmicky, and is consistently fascinating.

The sections give general details and describe the thoughts going through the characters’ heads. So my engagement may have been lacking as well. This United Kingdom rapid transit article is a stub. And full of marvels. The second thing you should know is what you’re getting into. This article about a s science fiction novel is a stub. Many of the characters are interrelated in some convoluted way. View all 21 comments. The general premise is intriguing, as I have often wondered what people are thinking about on public transport.


253 or Tube Theatre; a Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash

July 28, at 3: But while I got the point of the structure, it only made the book a long slog for me. This was fairly progressive in several ways and honestly offensive in many others. Lust is pretty outrageous — unforgettably funny and erotic, and stuff about locating the gravity of the soul, too. His girlfriend, Miranda, had suggested the idea to him a few weeks ago, and he gratefully accepted.

In reading on the internet the links between passengers create and emphasize existing similarities between the passengers.

(novel) – Wikipedia

In fact, it’s probably perfect for public transit. Some are more different than others; most highlight the “sameness” of Westernization. Reading on the Bakerloo Line. August 1, at Imagine the eternal commotion that would be brought about through this perspective – the endlessly overlapping stories upon stories which would weave themselves into the fabric of any 2553 walk down the street or busride.

Words, highlighted here and there in each character sketch, link that character to several others. The actual rymann of the book is about seven minutes, but you get to learn about every person on the train, their relationships, their connections and interactions. What a bumper month. I find that highly unlikely The concept gelff this book really excited me, and I expected to shoot through it given how it was structured.

I commute on the tube everyday, so maybe this will uplift my hellish journeys during rush hour just a little. The one geodf a time-travelling poet was probably the best of them. The piece contains fragments connected through hyperlinks. This site uses cookies.


Close reading new media: The point, one realises at the end, Keith is unable to finish the sentence: Non-Londoners 2533 not get the joke.

I will look up Bleeding London, that sounds brilliant.

What was, in its original form, a fascinating web just falls apart into splinters which, on their own, are not particularly interesting or entertaining, A particularly dark moment was the Passengerwho was view spoiler [Anne Frank, and had been travelling on trains for 50 years.

It seemed like any black, Asian, or Indian character was far more likely to be a criminal, a drug addict, or a prostitute. I’m normally skeptical of novels with too much cleverness, but somehow he made this one work. With the driver, that makes July 29, at 7: In it, an amateur actor named Geoff Ryman draws the attention of the police after he sits down on top of another passenger as part of a scheduled performance of “Mind the Gap. And each one’s story takes one page comprised of exactly words in this novel.

– Geoff Ryman | Savidge Reads

Furthermore, I found the book to have some racist elements–probably unconscious and unintentional, but they weighed down my enjoyment nonetheless. That’s a lot of characters. Gefof Miranda has just left him, and he’s stuck.

May 14, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: Notify me of new comments via email. The concept is as follows: July 28, at 2: