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A. T. Fomenko Chronology 1 Introducing the problem. A criticism of the Scaligerian chronology. Dating methods as offered by mathematical statistics. Eclipses. Newton also was unhappy with the chronology compiled in the seventeen century by Scalliger. Fomenco says point blank that the chronology. Fomenko’s New Chronology asserts that most of recorded history was composed by Church mandate, for the.

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See and discover other items: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Revisionist histories –dissenting views within the academic discipline of history–should not be included within this category, provided that they are based upon logical arguments, verifiable data, and are formed by individuals conversant in accepted historiography.

Then, he creates “survey codes” for each pair of the rulers, which contain a number which describes degree of the match of each considered property of two rulers. Sergeevcalculating that the two have high correlationand thus that they describe the same period of history, which is undisputed. Especially damning about the Syrian Malabar Nasrani is that after the initial contact with Christianity in the 1st century AD they had no contact with Europe until the s, which their own chronology attests.

The Greek thinkers, artists and architects became the hallmark of Italian rebirth, just like the Greeks of antiquity had become more than thousand years earlier.

Our analyses of the chronology and history opened a striking circumstance. We know that at that time distances were too great and global communication undeveloped to enable such empire to exist. Honestly, if you can read this book and understand it from a math standpoint, well then you are set.


Retrieved 9 October Against Fomenko is his nationalistic claim he has attached his theory to: The evangelical Jesus is traditionally believed to have lived for 33 years, and he was an adult at the time of his encounter with John the Baptist.

InEdwin Johnson expressed the opinion that early Christian history was largely invented or corrupted in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. However, independent dendrochronological sequences beginning with living trees from various parts of North America [52] [53] and Europe [54] [55] extend back 12, years into the past. Many of the observations he investigated were of doubtful reliability.

Why Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology Says That “History” Is All A Fake

The dominating historical discourse was essentially crafted in the XVI century from a rather contradictory jumble of sources such as innumerable copies of ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts whose originals had vanished in the Dark Ages and the allegedly irrefutable proof offered by late medieval astronomers, resting upon the power of ecclesial authorities.

It is not a dig, that’s just not the field they are in. Fomenko points toward the reality and exposes the falsification. The Turkish language family is notable for its universal subject-object-verb word order and its lack of grammatical gender.

Fomenko revised chronology | Alternate History Discussion

He identifies Solomon as sultan Suleiman the Magnificent — Frige Aiiyaiyai, where’s my samurai? Bill Cameron Banned Joined: Pages with related products. After this look at Anatoly Fomenko and the New Chronology, read up on other bizarre fringe theories including the Paul is dead rumor popular among some Beatles fans as well as the belief that the moon landing was faked.

Also, creationists rarely even try for the more “sophisticated” arguments below, instead going for a pretty straight out “’cause my holy book tells me so” -approach.


The methods of humanities, one of which is history, are not enough for solving chronological issues. Not to be confused with New Chronology Rohl. Fomenko et al have started their research back in as an anecdotical byproduct of Russian-American competition in Moon exploration when both USA and USSR had to develop chrobology high-precision computer-assisted methods of calculation of Earth-Moon telluric system.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. For example, Fomenko believes that most Eurasian history between the third and 11th centuries A.

Alternate historical chronology – RationalWiki

Fomenko uses for the demonstration of correlation between the reigns exclusively the data from the Chronological Tables of J. Billington, Russia in search of itselfWashington, D. Many Internet forums have appeared which aim to supplement his work with additional amateur research. Archaeological, dendrochronological, paleographical and carbon methods of dating of ancient sources and artifacts are both non-exact and contradictory, therefore there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artifact that could be reliably and independently dated earlier than the XI century.

Fomenco says point blank that the chronology is invented and that the period known as the Dark Ages was fabricated to accommodate it. Experimental test of the maxima correlation principle”.

Beam writes that Fomenko and his colleagues were discovered by the Soviet scientific press in the early s, leading to “a brief period of renown”; a contemporary review from the Soviet journal Questions of History complained, “Their constructions have nothing in common with Marxist historical science.

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