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Scope. This publication provides joint doctrine to plan, execute, and assess counterinsurgency operations. 2. Purpose. This publication has. Counterinsurgency: FM (U.S. Army Field Manuals) [Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This field. : Counterinsurgency: FM () (): U.S. Army, Lt. General David Petraeus, Lt. General James F Amos: Books.

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The figure below summarizes our countwrinsurgency in achieving our war aims based on whether we limit ourselves to a supporting role or, alternatively, assume the role of the principal COIN combatant.

Our most recent COIN wars—in Iraq and Afghanistan– were a reaction to our invasions of those two countries and the deposing of the previous governments. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. War outcomes will most likely be unfavorable coujterinsurgency our heavy combat casualties and enormous dollar expenditures will be unredeemed.

Share on Facebook Share. Don’t have an account? The consensus doesn’t see the potential problems or tripwires with its haphazard, yet weirdly durable and poorly implemented, “democracy doctrine”. The move to use our military in more of a SFA — rather than principle combatant role — also to be seen in this light?

Appendix A discusses factors to consider during the planning, preparation, execution, and assessment of a COIN operation.

Only the most Pollyannaish still envision Afghanistan emerging from Operation Enduring Freedom as a stable and modernizing nation state governed effectively from Kabul. There is an excellent slide deck and a summary of the webcast. Leadership and ethical concerns are addressed in chapter 7. Grant, I was nodding my head to everything you wrote until I got to the last part about emergence, complexity, systems thinking and the rest of it.

JP Host Country: And, because of the contrary nature of this project, the “hammer” used to pound the square peg through the round hole the instruments of power of the foreign entity and the various “host” governments through which it operates cannot and should not expect to be viewed favorably.


I do agree with your assessment of the current state of military history analysis. Causing FM Counterinsurgency to conform to this reality.

SFA will probably work together with a comprehensive mix of civilan support where lokal loyal sequrity forces are the key. In a way, some of you in the design world are doing the same thing as the McNamara whiz kids did; you are convinced rm have found a magic bullet known as design.

Thank you for that reply.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Most military participants in the US intervention in Iraq would find it hard to describe the course of events without counherinsurgency to Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. And I also apologize for giving the impression that I “reject any scientific approach to war and procurement”.

Publications Pages Publications Pages. If someone could please enlighten me as to why the military’s thinkers stubbornly insist on keeping a doctrine that has failed miserably time and time again, I, as someone with counterinsurgench military experience, would really appreciate it.

Your example of helicopters is interesting- since I’ve talked to veterans of the Easter Offensive in and around Da Nang who refused to evacuate on helicopters after seeing so many shot down- that they instead chose to exfil by foot through enemy lines.

I never look at a paper as some kind of authoritative final word; medicine doesn’t work like that. To our disappointment, the al-Malaki government has moved ever closer to Teheran diplomatically, even siding with Iran in supporting the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, whom the U. There’s a problem loading this menu counterinsurgebcy now. Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: The first chapter includes a set of principles and imperatives necessary for successful COIN operations.


Background to FM 3-24

Science definitely has its place in both- but what I am against is either relying solely on a psuedo-science for both or- placing that psuedo-science as paramount. Again, I don’t think technology isn’t helpful in certain situations- but to assume hubristically it will overcome the “fog of war” or any of the other problems soldiers have traditionally faced IMO is naive. Let’s cut to the chase: Thus, I would suggest what needs to be measured and evaluated — and be understood and acknowledged — is not so much a.

What are the gound realities in the next war or theater of war? Then they restored democracy and went home. Please see the following http: Grant, I like SOD for one reason, it encourages critical thinking that is not restricted by a doctrinal thinking process, which in theory frees us from blindly following unproductive paths. This entire logic- that we can crunch numbers and be able to conclude the “right equipment” and the “right knowledge” set is something that McNamara thought he could do in Vietnam with his Whiz Kids and business approach to things.

Things like that inevitably happen in war, even under the best leadership.

Background to FM – Oxford Scholarship

Al-Malaki negotiated the American exodus from Iraq and shifted his base of international support to Iran. Still, FM allows U. The military officers discussed in the article thought about things, which is an intellectual coujterinsurgency.