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ODS (on-disk structure) is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. When a new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might. In simple words, ODS (On-Disk Structure) is a number of database file format for the particular Firebird or InterBase RDBMS version. Almost all. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or a bare bone database and extracts the ODS version with direct file access.

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Except for Firebird 0. Did you see this question? IB Surgeon Toggle navigation. Maximum Number of Page Buffers in Cache. Our company offers the comprehensive migration service for the complex Firebird databases.

Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS:. Example ODS on-disk structure version is a number representing version of the database low-level data layout structure ODS.

Existing databases with ODS Prior to Firebird 3. Under these conditions, there will be no problems opening existing databases with the new Firebird sub-release.

There’s no way to know it upfront. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or knowledge base articles like http: For information about authentication mapping, see Mapping of Users to Objects in the Security chapter.

Do you find this FAQ incorrect or incomplete? This can lead to the impossibility of returning to the version back. Changes to Client Address Reporting.

Currently we have only one flag, for endianness. For non-Windows and non-Intel-Linux platforms, developers could not perform all the required checks. Its option -h outputs the header page information, which contains the ODS: After you fix all incompatibilities in this script, you can pump data from the old database to the new database.


Here, you see ODS number — this is encoded 11, with the high bit added since Firebird 2. This need to be done to check if there any bad old metadata in your database or bugs of script extraction in the server you use. With the above technique, future versions of the Firebird server will also work, without the need to update the software. Operating system user name. The implemented solution has no additional storage overhead until the transaction counters grow beyond the 2 32 boundary.

Sign up using Facebook. For shared memory aka XNET protocol, it contained the local host name. Check the engine version – http: For example, when you try to connect with a 1. The three ID fields are just for information: Implementation ID is Deprecated. For Named Pipes a. Anyway, if you try to do this, you need to extract metadata script from the database, and then try to create the new database from that script, using the same server. This is also true for Firebird 2.

All Firebird and InterBase On-Disk-Structure (ODS) versions

This number is checked upon connection, so that server makes sure it can ‘understand’ the database fitebird. Changes to System Tables. Databases created with bit and with bit builds of Firebird 1. It is likely to be abandoned in a future version. However, with Interbase 6.

Example of use “Database Properties” in: If yes — the complexity of the migration will depend on how many features you used in the database or administration process. Wrong ODS version, expected 8, encountered ?


Chapter 4: Changes to the Firebird API and ODS

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. In the initial release, a database with an older ODS cannot be opened by Firebird 3.

If you only have remote connection to the server and you can log into the database, but you have no access to the database file itself, then starting with Firebird 2. Sign up using Email and Password. Then you can try to create ids database from corrected script at the new server. But there are some limitations, which will be described further.

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it? When a new feature is added to Firebird it might or might not require the structure of database pages or system tables database metadata to change. ODS on-disk structure is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure.

delphi – Querying ODS version in use from the Firebird Server – Stack Overflow

If you made the oods before server upgrade, there will be no problems to return back. To do that you will need 2 computers with the new server and the old one. Currently, after 13 years of Firebird and InterBase development, migration between the latest versions of these servers is pretty difficult. What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

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