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Products Description. Ferrar Fenton Translation. The Holy Bible in Modern English. Contains the complete sacred Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments . Download PDF’s of The Holy Bible in modern English translated by Ferrar Fenton direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek. The Holy Bible in Modern English [Ferrar Fenton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Books of the Sacred Volume of our Faith, as they.

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So in Psalm 23, for example, we get a cute little poem, complete with iambic tetrameter:. A small excerpt from the Introduction to his completed Bible, published inwill give us a glimpse into the man’s frame of mind:.

Ferrar Fenton Translation

Although Ferrar Fenton’s translation never achieved great popularity and fell into obscurity, it remains in fnton today, now published by the small Destiny Publishers of Merrimac, Massachusettsfrom whence it is also available to download as a separate PDF file for each book of the Venton.

But in so entirely a new plan of Translation and Criticism as I have adopted many errors will no doubt be found, and if my readers will point out to me any parts where errors or omission of words may be discovered, I shall be grateful, and record them in my interleaved copy for a future edition. I have his writings in an old school exercise book which I found really interesting in my teens. Ferrar Fenton was a British Israelite and he dedicated his translation to ‘all those nations who have sprung from the race of the British Isles’.

As I made my translation from the Hebrew without any English version open before me, I have followed the now general plan of Oriental scholars, and simply transliterated those names, except a few, such as “Moses,” “Joshua,” etc.


This edition of the Bible is of inestimable value to the sincere student engaged in Scriptural research who desires to come into deeper understanding of the great truths of Holy Writ. Here’s the Fenton version:.

The Bible is described as “translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages.

Ferrar Fenton Bible: a unique translation – Bible Bookshelf Blog

Place the footnotes at the bottom of the page with a new line for each note. This was “rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line”. That has been my discovery.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The discussion page may contain suggestions. The Great Teacher has here elaborated the thought and purpose of God concerning His plan of salvation by a Gift, and upon this basis have been formulated and propagated the doctrines of the Christian faith. He apparently believed that the King James Version had some negative points which is certainly trueand resolved to make his own translation the most accurate ever attempted in the English language.

The Almighty has blessed my work so far, and I hope will enable me to accomplish the whole, and enjoy the pleasure of attaining the chief object of my existence,—to make the Books of the Bible as intelligible to my Race in the British Empire, and the great American Commonwealth, in spoken English, as they are to myself in the Oriental tongues, in return for His inspiration, through those Sacred Scriptures, having in early manhood taken me from the Mental Hell of Sceptical Doubt, to the Home of assured Rest in a knowledge of His Eternal Laws, which He revealed first in them, and is again in our days confirming by His fresh Revelation of them through thesciencesofPhysicalResearch.

With the advent of the internet and so much more accessible information I am now interested in having a bit of a study of it again.


An abridged version was published in under the title The Command of the Ever-Living. In a retired factory worker painstakingly converted the scanned pages of Fenton’s translation to digital format to place on the World Wide Web. I have his Ferrar Fenton bible which I have not fully verrar, only small portions of it.

Ferrar Fenton Bible

To the right you will see links to individual chapters of the Bible. The footnote explains Fenton’s theory: And that’s not necessarily a good thing, in this case. Fenton spent approximately fifty years working on his translation, with his sole goal ‘to study the Bible bkble in its original languages, to ascertain what its writers actually said and thought’.

I believe I may have blogged about this Contains the complete sacred Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek languages with instructions and critical notes by Ferrar Fenton.

Let’s look a bit at that claim, shall we? The files that were originally fentkn from the Internet were not searchable. At least 10 frerar of Fenton’s translation were published in his own lifetime.

Ferrar Fenton Bible | TruthUnity

Covenant Publishing Co, and reprinted in I have found this Bible to be extremely useful and relevant when trying to compare the, particularly, O.

Wycliffe Middle English Bible translations. A small excerpt from the Introduction to his completed Bible, published inwill give us a glimpse into the man’s frame of mind: Just got a copy this week and started reading it, I fejton like Solomon’s prayer at the Temple.

Leatherette out of print! Here’s the Fenton version: English-language translations of the Bible.