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Adaptación, validación y normalización de la escala de autoconcepto de Piers- Harris para los/as niños/as puertorriqueño/as entre las edades de ocho a once. Escala de Autoconcepto Piers Harris · Escala de Autoconcepto de Tennessee ( Perfil) Descripción: Test de Autoestima Piers Harris y Tae Clases (1). Cardenal, V., & Fierro, A. (). Componentes y correlatos del autoconcepto en la escala de Piers-Harris. Estudios de Psicologia, 24,

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Participants were students aged between 17 and Annual Review ppiers Psychology, 47, Two basic components repeatedly appear pers previous studies on the nature of social selfconcept: Self-concept in artistic domains: The results fail to completely answer all the questions raised regarding the multidimensional and hierarchical composition and structure of self-concept.

Educational Psychologist, 20, When the aim of an empirical piece of research is to study the factorial structure of a questionnaire based on exploratory and confirmatory analyses, the sample has to be divided into two random halves.

has been cited by the following article:

Maslow Autoconcepto Como se compone al autoconcepto. The configuration matrix resulting from the exploratory factor analysis is presented in Table 3. Discussion Although interest in social self-concept is by autoconfepto means a recent development, there is a distinct lack of studies attempting to demarcate its internal structure, or in other words, to elucidate the number and nature of the principal dimensions that account for said structure in a satisfactory manner.

These results support the idea that one’s perception of oneself as a aytoconcepto competent being and one’s perception of oneself as a socially accepted being are so closely related that, in reality, autcooncepto form a single component, which we propose to call social competencesince this is the more widely used term in psychology.


Escala de Autoconcepto de Piers y Harris

Escala de Autoconcepto Piers Harris. Un estudio sobre el autoconcepto social en estudiantes de E. A total of students from the University of the Basque Country Teacher Training Colleges participated in the study.

However, it also raises a number of unanswered questions. Journal of Educational Psychology, 76, Journal of Educational Pychology, 87 1 The reason for including a new dimension called social responsibility in social self-concept is linked to the fact that feeling accepted by others and feeling oneself to be socially competent do not globally reflect one’s perception of one’s social development.

Having a measurement instrument with adequate psychometric characteristics, such as the AUSO, will enable a more precise understanding of the function of self-concept, and each of its components, in human behavior. Manual Self-concept Form A. The problem here, however, is that the scale, which was administered to the Chilean population, provides no data providing evidence of external validity.

Informe Psicopedagógico by Michael Campos on Prezi

The fit of each model was assessed using the most common combination of absolute and relative goodness-of-fit indexes Esnaola, Rodriguez, et al. Lo contrario es responder NO a todo, en un intento por discrepar en todo. In short, this study fulfils the aim of providing an adequate psychometric measurement instrument of two different dimensions of social self-concept, which supports the widely-accepted multidimensional view of self-concept.

Harros the nineteen-eighties onwards, a large number of questionnaires were developed to measure self-concept. Table 4 below shows the results of the confirmatory factor analysis, which was verified for each of the proposed models.

La estructura del Cuestionario de Autoconcepto Social (AUSO)

In relation to the latter approach, two variants emerged which associated social self-concept with either social acceptance or social competence. Review of Educational Research, 46 3 Confirmatory factor analysis Table 4 below shows the results of the confirmatory factor analysis, which was verified for each of the proposed models.


Piesr properties and justification Unpublished dissertation. These attempts to thoroughly demarcate the internal structure of social self-concept have been accompanied by a number of different measurement instruments.

From the nineteen-nineties onwards, however, a new, autoconceppto fertile, area of research opened up focusing on the dimensions or components of each of these three domains, in accordance with the supposition that, rather than improving global self-concept itself, attention should be directed at trying to improve selfperceptions in its specific dimensions or aspects. We expected the corresponding exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to confirm a structure made up of two interrelated factors social competence and social responsibilitywith an adequate internal consistency.

International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 11 3 The final sample group therefore consisted of people: Remember me Forgot password?

Structural equation models with non-normal variables: Nevertheless, the results found here provide empirical evidence supporting the two-factor proposal social responsibility and social competence with interrelated factors, which encompasses those aspects of social development haarris are necessary to obtaining a more comprehensive view of social self-perceptions.