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Crescendo. Millennium Edition remake of a famous amplifier. Design by T. Giesberts. In early , Elektor magazine beat the com- petition hands-down by. Crescendo Millennium Edition amplifier (mono block) (). Crescendo ME with 2SK/2SJ and lower voltage. Post by zymorg┬╗ Mon May 16, pm. Hello, I am looking for a good amplifier circuit and with.

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Fishmalt, That is a very impressive case.

Can this soft start circuit be used with other amp kits too? Subjectively this amp is detailed but the sound can get ‘hard’ and aggressive if used with speakers or a system that is already edgy. It was more difficult, but it seemed to turn out! The gallery is at: It is always impressive to see the variety of different designs that people come up with. In part, this is due to its completely symmetrical design, which was in fact an unusual feature at that time, but unquestionably it is mainly due to the use of power MOSFETs in the output stage.

Good luck with the pre-amp.

A Paul Kemble web page – Elektor W Darlington amplifier.

The phono connectors look unusual. Remember to add a small capacitor accross each DC supply rail fuse or better still a DIY luxury solder the fuses instead of a fuse holder.

I found AKSA to be more sonically satisfactory than any of those listed above. Sounds like it was made to please my ears rather than somebody’s oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. A small footprint board that provides a base for special effects for a pinewood derby car. Just creacendo a change, I decided to design an amp from a musical instrument standpoint rather than an engineering standpoint.


Thank you very much. Zoran, welcome to our forum, and thank you sincerely for pictures of your superbly built AKSA! TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. Page navigation Document information Table of contents Similar titles. I appreciate your comments about the design.

Bu good luck anyways! Bass is very accurate and the sound stage is amazing – everything where it should be.

The Elektor article is available for download here – http: Here are two pictures of my AKSA, you may notice that I added something on the primary side of transformers.

Cheers, Hugh Logged Martyn Jr. Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve. Cresvendo am using standard cases, but adding special touches to make it look elektot. Geoff-AU not mad about the top cover but the rest of it looks nice and clean.

Crescendo Millennium PCB |

Fishmalt, Very nice effort. It will clear KHz hash I took a similar approach with my speakers. Some of amplifiers that i built in the past are: The desktop with an arduino as the main processor. This is a perfect match for my Marantz CD63 and newly purchased Triangles.

There are surely not very many circuit designs that continue to enjoy such a high level of interest more than ten years after their original appearance, as does the Crescendo power amplifier from Hello and Welcome to HiFiVision. Elektor Mini-Crescendo German. I might rewire it when I upgrade to a Lifeforce. Like most MOSFET designs, it is very wide bandwidth and if your circuit layout is a ‘rats nest’ instability is in-evitable.


Crescendo Millenium Edition

Elektor “Crescendo” amplifier For my high school finals i made a class AB amplifier. Finally I have a nice eelektor to put my Aksa and a source to do it some kind of justice – a Squeezebox3. Sign up Already a member?

A lot of people happen to be fervent fans of these devices. Scientific Data Management Research Staff. Nelder, Creecendo Online Contents I nice touch I’ve found with steel is to bake an enamel coat over the top of the powder coating.

Bluetooth controlled laser projector made with Arduino and stepper motors. I hope to use these people http: By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies by us. Multiple OLE displeys can determine the state of your home.

I’m keeping things simple and using the built in volume control of the SB3 so I lowered the gain of the Aksa following Hugh’s instructions in another post. Gerber files allow a PCB to be produced on an appropriate device available locally, or through eleltor online PCB manufacturing service. It’s Ok but looks a bit industrial.