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View and Download ELECTRIX WARPFACTORY insructions online. THE ULTIMATE VOCODER. WARPFACTORY Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Electrix WARPFACTORY Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Electrix WARPFACTORY Insructions. Electrix Warp Factory: Electrix» white noise rackmount unit», vocoder rackmount unit» Lower Order settings will give a more “granular†Warp effect, Electrix); manual (German, Electrix); manual (Spanish, Electrix).

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The Electrix Warp Factory is a unique vocoder, designed for uses of all types. It is quite powerful, especially because it has so many different parameters to work with. As a source this time I sent her a string of attacks with trs typ cr low from a bit sampler roland ssound more normment me, tr s subtle, almost approaching a vintage vocoder on some points. When you stop talking into the microphone, WarpFactory will go quiet. All audio sources are connected directly to the mixer channel inputs.

Did you find this review helpful? Adjust any of the parameters. Page 9 Bypass Output to the microphone input on the mixer. This is the quickest method to get warped audio out of the WarpFactory.

There’s a blend knob and a kill dry switch which doesn’t actually kill the dry, just drops it down another 12 dB or so.

All user reviews for the Electrix Warp Factory

The bottom line with the Warp Factory is that if you are looking for a vocoder in a piece of outboard gear, definitely do not decide on one until you check out this one!

Use this setup only after you have explored all the sonic possibilities of WarpFactory because cueing is not possible. WarpFactory only while you are talking into a microphone that is plugged into the Formant mic input. Then I shall decide to ask a review on this troisme vocoder.

  ANSI N18.2 PDF

First off, you can tune the formants either high or low, adjust the Q and the number of sampling bands from the front panel. Often, we say that we must send a synth sound of saw-tooth as a source in a vocoder, that’s what I did to beginners, it’s true that a ring right away with a vintage analog vocoder as the Roland VP and I t had enough of the on the spot has not sound terrible, too flat and without finesse. In addition, it must be rgler levels forming source and if the sound is really ugly.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Not satisfied with those reviews? Set the Input Select to Auto which will connect the source as its own formant input to create some interesting Warp effects.

When the Source Kill is Off, the WarpFactory will switch to the dry signal when the factoy is not in use. APRs have been busy exploring I can tell you, this is not the case, it is limited but it has its charm is him!

The advantage of this setup is that no additional formant input is necessary. When source kill is engaged, WarpFactory will only pass sound while there is a formant input. I see a lot of people caused by the warp of the factory, it’s true but I think it is through this that vocoder rclame hours of expression to find its appropriate.

Electrix Warp Factory User Manual | 17 pages

Also, you can hit a button or a footswitch to “freeze” the formant, allowing a e,ectrix wah kind of effect where the envelop stays open. However, after playing with it for a little while I felt that I could get the hang of it pretty well. Our members also liked: It also has a tuneable synth generator and a noise awrp so that you can use them for carrier or blend them with your input signal for more radical synth effects.


Don’t have an account? Back Panel WarpFactory only while you are talking into a microphone that is plugged into the Formant mic input. English, French, German, clear espagnol. No need to be an engineer or polytechnic as some textbooks. Pretty straight forward using CC messages. The following settings are intended manuak a guide only. Sort by most recent most useful. Got it, continue to print.

And I’m not aware of any digital vocoders with this amnual of control from the front panel. I don’t own any other hardware vocoders, but I’d guess that it’s fully as flexible and cool as most of them.


Mixer with Aux Send Page 12 – Setup 3: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. So if your goal and adding some parts of vocoder voices on some of your songs, may be good, especially for its price minuscule compared the services it provides. Vocoder rack, you plug a microphone, and you have a robot voice or with the internal oscillator or an external synthesizer if you want to sing notes.

But it has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. Highly recommended if you can find one cheap.