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EIKI EIP-HDT30 projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. How much does the EIKI EIP-HDT30 projector cost? Where is the best place to buy the EIKI EIP-HDT30 projector. Find screen size and throw distance for the EIKI EIP-HDT30 projector.

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As Proud members of The Genuine Lamp Alliance’ to enable our customers to make a fair comparison when purchasing a replacement lamp we would like to offer the following information: Search engines will throw up a host of choices, requiring ei,i to be made. These decisions can spark a range of consequences spanning from simple dissatisfaction with the quality of the product, to health and safety risks — and even questionable ethics and legality where intellectual property is abused or counterfeit lamps are passed hdr30 as original replacements.


This is an alternative to sourcing a replacement lamp from ei; original device manufacturer OEMthe leading lamp technology rights owners authorised a small number third party suppliers to manufacture compatible replacement lamp modules using the same technology as the original, branded product installed by the projector and rear-projection TV manufacturers.

Eiki EIP-HDT30 DLP projector

Is the replacement lamp on offer just too cheap? There is a hierarchy of lamp pricing. Original lamps supplied by the manufacture of the projector or rear-projection TV are usually the most expensive, but offer the replacement lamp buyer reassurance on issues such as continuing warranty protection.

Next in the hierarchy come genuine lamps, manufactured with the consent and support of the lamp technology rights owners and using exactly the same lamp components as the original lamp fitted to the projector or hdt330 TV. Genuine replacement lamps are made by a small number of authorised manufacturers. Finally, the cheapest lamps available will almost certainly be copy lamps.

The manufacturers save costs in a variety of ways, none of which are generally favourable to lamp module buyers. Can the reseller or retailer be trusted? The emergence of copy lamps has triggered a host of internet-based dealers to enter the market for replacement lamp modules.


EIKI EIP-HDT30 DLP Projector | eBay

Some of these have excellent credentials, often linked to an established audio-visual or consumer electronics business, while others are simply opportunistic. When buying on the internet it can be difficult to assess the quality or ethical eop of the supplier. Helpful signs of a quality supplier include relationships with projector manufacturers, such as authorised dealer status, or a specialist replacement lamp distributor.

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