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DOTZ Produktlinie Shuriken polished and black spokes, Shuriken Gold polished and golden spokes, Shuriken White polished and white spokes. 28 products DOTZ Shuriken white edt. in Sonderfarbe Weiss glänzend/frontpoliert mit TÜV- Gutachten. ,20 EUR. (20 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs). DOTZ HANZO in Sonderfarbe Schwarzmatt/frontpoliert mit TÜV-Gutachten. , 40 DOTZ Shuriken White edt. in Sonderfarbe Weiss glänzend/frontpoliert mit.

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Unlike some shuriken designs these have a shiny polished finished. Square shaft, made from steel and tempered. This is the larger Matsuba DaimatsuThe Komatsuba is smaller version. The edges are beveled on all sides.

Budoya Catalogue Shuriken – [PDF Document]

Quite think but with the heads are sharpened so that the sides are also a little sharp. It is a Buddhist and Indian symbol representing peace.

The hexagon profile continues along the length of the point to the tip. Made from steel and tempered. Very strong and sturdy shuriken from the famous Yagyu Ryu.

We aim to release at least 5 more in Ikeda Ryu Yayuji Togakure Ryu Boshuriken This symbol has nothing to do with the Germany WW2 military.


The blade is flat not square. This shuriken is similar to two others we sell, this one has a square hole in the middle. Round shaft with a single point.

Each year we travel to Japan, while we are there we meet and discuss shuriken designs with members of various Ryuha that use shuriken and try to get access to shuriken so that we can make exact copies. Free Dotz felgen abe download.

Budoya Catalogue Shuriken

A classic 8 point shuriken is classed as a ‘Horin’. Yagyu Ryu Yayuji Togakure Ryu Senban 2.

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One based on a 12 point shuriken and the other based on a 16 point shuriken.


Ikakku Ryu Boshuriken 6. However, it is thought that it is really Chishin Ryu as the last Soke of Chinshin Ryu was called Tanba Orie Ujinaga These shuriken are individually hand made then tempered.

Unfortunately this Ryu has lost its shurikenjutsu but the densho still show drawings of shuriken in them. Nagare Manji 2 6. Representative of a crescent moon. Kobori Ryu Horen They used several different shuriken.

A nice heavy blade. This shuriken is also known as an ‘Enban gata’. Dotz shuriken und Tupac um nur einige zu. Meifu Shinkage Ryu Boshuriken 3. Steel was also fashioned to look like they came from tanto.

DOTZ – Streetcar-Tuning Shop

Iga Ryu Happo 1 Ikeda Ryu Yayuji 4. The hole in the blade is where the mekugi hole was. During Hatsumi Masaaki, Soke of the Bujinkan Dojo had his students study this weapon as part of their Koppojutsu training.

This is similar to the Chishin Ryu but with a double point.