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Emilia Pascu is the author of Designul si Estetica Marfurilor ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Merceologia şi expertiza mărfurilor alimentare de export-import. D Dima, R Pamfilie, R Procopie, Design şi Estetica mărfurilor. R Pamfilie, R Procopie. View curs 11 from FINANCE 11 at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. Design si estetica marfurilor Curs 11 cap Cap.

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Chapter I – Fashion- means of communication includes The theoretical approach takes into account the description of the communication process. Media market glossy magazines are released gradually starting to make selection among those who profess to be concerned about fashion.

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Noomen emphasized sender – channel receiver model of communication. In order to offer a better example and to prove the significance of connection and operation nowadays we have included a chapter relater to a brand – ALTAIRA, which brings about the mode of operation of the new means of communication namely the social media used for launching a new brand on the fashion market.

The existence of such trained professionals in the system either through self-study or study in foreign higher education institutions has ensured the emergence of the reorganization process previously mentioned, but in order ensure the adherence to the international system the services of professionals trained in specialized institutions is further needed.

We are part of a complex value system, part of a streak, with both creators and consumers involved. In addition to storing vehicles, the garage also serves to store goods, fix and modify vehicles like a mini workshop in your home.

fashion communication – Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj

The market was flooded in the same time with counterfeit products. Similarly, creation cannot find its motivation without an efficiently organized management within a fashion related economic system. As far as the ALTAIR brand is concerned, we have put together a multisensory production appealing simultaneously to the five senses, performed at the time and place of release, in order to provoke a mixture of feelings that lead to amplification of artistic emotion.


There are examples for every section, provided especially from personal experience for a more precise portrayal. Compania Publishing House; Fashion has therefore experienced a drastic decline. The emergence of the Asian market has resulted in the dramatic collapse of this type of production and business owners have been forced to declare bankruptcy as their business was not based on their own resources nor their own creativity. The drawback, however, stems from the limited number of individuals who have access to the correct information, and the limited number of people forming what was already been known as the specialized press.

For all these reasons we have felt the need for a pioneering work in these areas of development of the artistic discourse in order to demonstrate the need for a university based research framework. Thank you for downloading this application. Over the years, people became aware of certain directions in which the fashion discourse can find its support and further development without which the work would have no finality. The thesis is divided into four chapters, as follows: The act of buying a fashion product is not related at present, only scarcely, to the quality of the product, but rather to its design and “label”.

Features, characteristics, classifications 4. Each term is accompanied by mainly personal examples for a more explicit illustration.

Goyal assignments for class 6

The light that barely enters through the arches is a metaphor of the divine truth that is difficult to reveal and may only be attained partly after a long period of initiation. The second meaning of the name e-sense given to the campaign is that of direction permitted by polysemy of the word in Romanian and the particle e in front of the name dictates its connection with the electronic, virtual world.

Their income, but also the mentality did not allow targeting funds towards the brand development, with distribution networks and image campaigns modeled after traditional brands. There are two models of garage doors that can be used and are very popular today, namely the model of sliding garage doors and folding garage door models. Still, inat only 23 years and under the patronage of the young duchess of Berry, Emile de Girardin launches the most representative title, La mode.


Seasons and trends 1. Event planning, the third direction discussed within the present paper also has its own specialists, fully aware of the characteristics of the system. The establishment of the first private educational institution in Bucharest – Artcademy – an institution which is structured according to the French system is beneficial, but insufficient to meet the demands of a market where the number of companies in the field is considerably larger, and their needs are not met by the private education system.

Image campaign proposal 3. The beginning of fashion transformation from the centralized communist system to the competitive market has been marked by some improvisations due to the involvement of persons who lacked proper training, with no proper qualifications in the fashion field.

The description of entire procedure was included in the fourth chapter, detailing the planning phases – planning, press conference, discourse planning, media files, press release, the agenda and finally, in post – event – press monitoring and assessment.

Design and Innovation Systems, Berg, Creating the brand 3. Fashion, as a recent field of study, has experienced a revival and a significant increase, becoming a real attraction in the area of academic study, a center of migration of many artists who want to embrace this area that is under constant spotlight.

Advertising relies on the visual impact as photography conveys the message. For example, there is no university department specialized in fashion journalism, a subject that may only be studied within specialized faculties as established in the higher education institutions abroad.

In Persian, “bulah” means both “to smell” and “to love”. Garage doors are one of the things that must look cool in the garage of your home.