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Deathwatch: Rising Tempest is a supplement for the Deathwatch (RPG series). It is an adventure in three parts. When the Tau make a play for dominance that. I have faced the Tau first hand in my Deathwatch Campaigns and they are certainly no push over. So when I saw that Rising Tempest. Rising Tempest is an adventure in three parts for Deathwatch! When the Tau make a play for dominance that threatens to tip the balance of.

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Rising Tempest – Deathwatch [IC]

Not impressive but mostly ok. To the General, it might sound as though he is quietly growling. Yet the orders mentioned no need for battle gear, and so none is worn. Posted June 23, Hope that was helpful, sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I’m kind of limited by my players expectations. Due to the nature of this threat, I am seconding you to Watch Captain de Dominova, who is well rosing in matters of xenos and their ways.

Deathwatch – Rising Tempest

It is no small matter to aim an axe at the head of the planetary government–even if the rissing is ugly. For the sake of the security of Erinoch, General Othram has been confined to his quarters on the ship. Additionally, what would you estimate are the numbers of Tau sympathizers on the planet–are there any pockets of particular fervor or actual battlegroups being fielded?

It’s a solid story for more diverse or roleplay oriented groups. It was just the nature of how such missions really went after all. The Jericho Reach is home to many plots and I’m sure more than just the Tau want to see a personage as senior as Ebongrave. Even his enhanced mind could not remember risijg many times he had entered a room, strode onto a battlefield, or was called into some chamber to see a Guardsman staring at him with awe, and perhaps a tremble of righteous fear.


Likely at some point I will find myself working alongside these men and women, and I would like to know them before that moment. Natually, they were all rounded up as traitors and possible Tau collaborators. Then a moment later it is gone and Kerubiel is once again focused.

Even as the serf hands them to you, he motions to follow him, and leads you to the hanger where the Ultima Risint awaits you. I’d image Astartes can do the same with an Astartes Thunder Hammer. He has a particularly nice storm shield and so he rarely takes damage. I will roll with whatever.

Le Valet d’Coeur

This part of the adventure is useless and a total waste of money. Not if they had heard of Vanity and the shame there. Lastly, he turns to the newest member of the Kill-Team, Novus.

An equally well-maintained Asaheim-pattern bolter was drawn from the storage lockers, its black receiver inlaid deatgwatch a side view of a stalking wolf in silvered metal.

Keeper of the Maze Defiler. I rarely use hordes in magnitudes less than 50, but deathwath then unless there’s a couple melee hordes and a ranged horde they rarely present problems.

Their numbers are unknown, but we do not believe they represent an invasion force, but rather a tactical strike team.

No one in my group has BC, so I don’t know what those rules are, but that is one thing about the errata stats, is the TH did actually get bigger and that makes it difficult to challenge the group evenly just like you said with the techmarine. Posted June 25, Additionally, what types of resistance might we expect upon landing on Spite, if any?

Rising Tempest – Deathwatch [IC] Othram falls into the military clip easily, talking about familiar ground now. Not a good fit for an operation among friendly units. Stay tuned for Part 2!


If so, what is their composition, and to what extent have they established control over the planet’s surface? But it was Novus’s experience that veteran guardsmen had nothing but hatred for the Xenos. Rising Tempest – Deathwatch [IC] As the kill-team embark the Ultima RatioZachariel reviews the mission objectives, filing them away in his memory coils, ordered by priority.

The adventure risig with another dramatic battle, as the forces of the Tay lay siege to the Sister’s convent and the Javar Ward within. Therefore, the only point at which they would assassinate the governor, would be if they already had the support of the vast majority of the populace Nothing I can come up with anyway.

The rules are a little confusing. But at the very least his chapter bore a good dwathwatch, and he seemed a likeable enough fellow to perhaps not cause serious issues politically.

Rising Tempest – Deathwatch [IC] ” I respect your fervor, Brother Romeo, but how the Lord Commander chooses to dathwatch his men is less our concern than the Xenos that plague this world. Inwardly he feels that the Lord Commander’s methods are irrelevant to the mission at hand, but wisely keeps this to himself as he knows several of his brothers will not agree.

Last edited by Adamusa; at Not that he was surprised, he found most Battle-Brothers of other chapters seemed to hold all other Imperial Forces in contempt on some level after all.