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On 1 November , Gerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Set during the last ten dark days of , the story. Buy De Avonden by Gerard Reve (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Evenings, by Gerard Reve, translated from the Dutch, De Avonden, by Sam Garrett, published by Pushkin Press, London, Jan. 31

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He often wrote ironically or humorously about these topics, and people were not always sure what his beliefs actually were. De avonden by Gerard Reve. Dat is pas triest!

Gerard Reve was een Nederlands schrijver en dichter.

Het werkelijk geniale aan ‘de Avonden’ z ‘De avonden’ van Gerard Reve is misschien mijn favoriete Nederlandstalige boek tot nu toe. In the s, the novel remained popular in the Netherlands, especially among adolescents who easily identified with the main character. Io credo che si sarebbe potuto benissimo tagliare di due revve abbondanti e ne avrebbe solo guadagnato. Ten slotte keerde de schrijver, met medeneming van de uitgaverechten op al zijn boeken, terug bij De Bezige Bij, waar hij ooit met De avonden was gedebuteerd.

In ontving Reve de P. The potatoes were fine, but very good seemed like an exaggeration. Reve beschrijft het alledaagse op zo’n manier dat het interessant is en met een beetje goede wil zijn de perikelen zelfs vermakelijk.

It probably doesn’t have long to live. Rather, as an extension of the author himself, the protagonist could be gay too.


Bovendien is het erg goed geschreven. It’s ten minutes past three.

The Evenings

In het ontroerende slothoofdstuk komt hij tot het louterende inzicht dat hij door te kijken en te observeren herard zinloosheid heeft bezworen: Blij dat ik m uit heb! Er zat een blauw etiket op met een gele rand. A great book can take mundane and turn into something, there is a way to take plain ingredients and bake something spectacular, this one is just a mess in a bowl.

While it may not be a healthy way of dealing with his dissatisfaction, or boredom, one gets the impression avondenn Frits’ provoking avonxen Maurits is a little like poking a big, powerful dog or bungee jumping; which is to say that aonden is thrill seeking by virtue of dicing with danger.

The grave yawns, time zooms, and salvation is nowhere to be found. Vaak ontvlucht hij het huis om zijn vermaak elders te zoeken. For months, I sprinkled steatite powder on my feet in the morning; it helps a bit, yes, it does help. De verschijning bij Van Oorschot van dit lijvige boekwerk ruim bladzijden op 12 september zou Reve helaas niet meer bewust meemaken.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for omissions and errors. Having read the novel, I understand why it has been listed in the 10 favourite Dutch novels of all time.

Fijn nog refe te herlezen, maar ‘jaarlijks’ is toch meer iet Uit de kast geplukt toen ik zag dat enkele Nederlandse diehards de laatste 10 dagen van het jaar elke avond consequent een hoofdstukje lazen en het NRC er zelfs een luisterversie aan koppelde.

De avonden by Gerard Reve

Many a times there is vivid discrepancy in his thoughts and what he chooses to say out aloud. The War is the elephant in the room, conspicuous by its very absence.


Moreover, it is clear that Frits has mortality on his mind. Why did Gerard Reve write this novel in the first place? He goes through the day This is really not a me book.

De avonden. Een winterverhaal

I’ve read it about 50 years ago and as it is situated in the Netherlands at the end rreve world war II it can hardly be interesting to modern times rvee. And Lydia Davis likes it too:: Perhaps, like the guards who destroyed the original manuscript, US and UK publishers found the book nihilist and immoral.

Ik adem, en ik beweeg, dus ik leef. Reve himself is not around to enjoy the acclaim, but he would probably have echoed the words of his protagonist, expressed in the legendary closing sentence of The Evenings: Though the war itself is hardly mentioned, the story gives, by describing an individual’s experiences, a detailed description of contemporary post-war society which was marked by fear, boredom and loneliness.

Unfortunately for me, this did not change as the story went on. All the characters revf like that; his crazy friend who is a semi-criminal, his brother, his friends from school.