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We recall with grateful thanks the overwhelming support and patronage that our publications receive at the hands of the people in the legal field. This has clearly . Shorter Constitution Of India (Set of 2 Volumes) 14th Editon Edition by D D Basu from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Shorter Constitution of India. Front Cover. India, Durga Das Basu. Prentice-Hall of India, – Constitutional law – pages.

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Outlines Of indian legal and constitutional history.

DD Basu’s Shorter Constitution of India (Set of 2 Volumes)

Fully Updated, with Special Features. Shorter Constitution Of India We, too, to hold our ownin this day-byday growing competitive field, are always outto bring the popular works of reputed authors under ourever-widening umbrella and we have the sensitivenessto smell the best works in the law field.

Fully Updated, with Special Features. He completed his doctorate of Law at the University of Calcutta. Shorter Constitution Of India 2 Vols. Judicial Review of Legislative Acts. An extensive collection of titles on major legal systems of the world.

Safe and Secure Payments. This has constiuttion vindicatedour stand as premier legalpublishers. The book not conztitution helps the Universities across India for the Law and Arts students, but also helps with different competitive examinations and also the Union and State civil service exams.


Customers who bought this also bought: Introduction to the Constitution of India Gujarati Translation. Art 19 to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India. For queries regarding web order status, dispatch details, suggestions and more: The book attempts to serve as a guide to the lengthiest constitution in xonstitution world in a 2-volumes, by including critical analysis of all important judgments.

Add 3 Items to Cart. In the new edition, the Revising Editor, Justice A K Patnaik, has re-structured the narrative in a more off manner by incorporating his case notes of important constitutional judgments covered in all volumes of the SCC up to Dr K S Chauhan Parliament: Writs and Other Constitutional Remedies.

Usually delivered in days? Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism. Summary of the Book This two set volume is a comprehensive collection which provides the readers with a shorter version of the Indian constitution.

The Index of the book has an easy and helpful layout, and the book also has borderline notes and references for more comprehensive understanding. Introduction to the Constitution of India Hindi Translation.

Over 3 million dr, Over 14 million pages, over databases. Supreme Court on Family and Personal Laws. Some of them include: Legislative Privilege in India. More than fifty years of hard work in the line has built upthat experience and expertise and landed us that rareinsight into the publishing art, of which we are legitimatelyproud. Jain and Baau Narayan. Shorter Constitution of India does interpret the constitution mainly from a legal point of view and it covers the subject Article by Article methodically.


Your Cart Is Empty. Indias Constitution —Origins and Evolution; Volume 9.

Shorter Constitution Of India (2 Vols) – EBC Webstore

Your Book Shelf Is Empty. Common law International human rights l E-commerce law Freedom of expression law. Shorter Constitution of India by D. Reviews Write A Review. Get the complete set of Supreme Court cases. Study and Revision Guid On ourpart, we are consistently busy bettering and furthering ourown records.

Get the complete set of Supreme Court cases. Basu is an excellent compiling of the Indian constitution in a set of two volumes. Some of them include: We recall with grateful thanksthe overwhelming supportand patronage that our publicationsreceive at the handsof the people in the legal field. The Power of Raisina Hill: This title has completed nearly 6 decades.

For queries regarding web order status, dispatch details, suggestions and more: