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The Great Deformation By David Stockman Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Original Language Unknown, Isbn: , Publisher. DAVID A. STOCKMAN 18 The Great Deformation of Capital Markets: How Wall Street. Got Huge .. the roots of the Great Deformation, difficult in the extreme. David Stockman not only cites Mises and Hazlitt, among other The main theme of The Great Deformation is stated clearly on the first page of.

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Only Eisenhower and a few others get praise. The Creature from Jekyll Island: Don’t have a Kindle? He then wrote a book, The Triumph of Politics”, about the experience relating how all the fine words went out the window while government grew, subsidies were given to all the big lobbies and in the end things were worse at the end of the ‘s than before.

In the Federal Government gave the Federal Reserve the cartel power to manage the financial system, giving it special privileges and protections that have become a total moral hazard for those of us living today. The Great Depression of the thirties had little to do with the gold standard and little to do with insufficient accommodation from the Fed that Bernanke apologized about in the famous speech to Friedman and Schwartz and everything to do with a collapse of US goods exports to overleveraged Europeans.

Correlation does not mean causation.

This is not greag free market, something now long gone. A careful study of the rise of the modern global-harmonization efforts around all matters of public policy, indicate we are in a neo-mercantilist era.

I didn’t mind all dwvid ultimately superfluous tale telling, because I found the stories and scenarios fascinating. Nor was a bailout of the insurance company, AIG necessary. One of the main American exports to Europe had defofmation grain. Similar policies pursued by the European Union, Japan, and others make this a global problem. Institutionalized plunder according Frederic Bastiat.

Those reservations aside, I’m persuaded that Stociman Stockman has got his story right. The author’s unifying theory is in my view quaint and irrelevant.

If you are really interested in learning about how the state corporate financial complex came to be the reviled beast that it is, this is the book to read. The most interesting parts are when he quotes grim situations which highlight the depth of corruption in the government and big banks.


This is exactly what happened in the housing bubble and when it all fell to earth, Uncle Sam was waiting with a huge bailout for the biggest gamblers, the banks.

LBJ would not raise taxes to support the war while the huge amount of U. He asserts that during times of financial crisis, such as sockman crash ofcompanies would inaccurately portray sales in order to make their company appear more valuable. This low rating is unusual for me, and most other reviewers rated deformatiin more highly.

There is nothing absolute about it. The primary targets dwformation Stockman’s wrath are the world’s central banks, and in particular the U. Using AIG as an example, he outlines the overall sector’s strengths and weakness during the crash of However Stockman does not deliver on this promise in over pages of FDR: He has a sincere and honest belief in the efficacy of free markets, which he sees being trampled everywhere he looks. He criticizes Greenspan for his fiscal policies and compares that bubble to the one we are in edformation.

Jan 15, Athan Davir rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found myself on board with him more at the start, but as he strained or discarded evidence to stocknan his pejorative bombs, I found it easier and easier to find the weaknesses or total lack of substance behind many of his arguments. On the plus-side, this ‘gold standard’ literally fiscal conservative is actually quite even-handed in his condemnation of past White House administrations. As an added bonus, they provide a solid explanation for the soaring inequality in America: The Eisenhower years were tbe in Stockman’s view because Ike refused to allow deficit financing, while the Federal Reserve was held tightly to the task of funding banks in trouble, charging them an interest premium for the service.

What’s the fly in the ointment? And the reasons global temperatures aren’t always following predictions gets re-explained after the fact time and again. Creating make work projects just to spend money without any thought as to what that huge influx of additional money was going to have on the prices of everything.


If more paper money was issued, inflation would cause rising interest rates that would, in turn, act as a brake on lending. This book is full of facts and figures, but deformqtion not wanting footnotes to slow him down, Stockman provides not a single one. It is too long, but that is my only complaint.

And it’s about as effective. Implicit Rule by Monetary Eunuchs You get the flavor. The so-called green energy “investments” of the Obama administration are hauled out into the daylight for a righteous thrashing.

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

He despises Richard Nixon for destroying sound money with his decision. Published April 2nd by PublicAffairs first published January 1st From these central deformations, Stockman skillfully traces the ascent of the Wall Street financial complex that we have come to know. The interconnectedness is the monster. The sharp reduction after in the money supply was an inexorable consequence of the liquidation of bad debt, not an avoidable cause of the depression.

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America by David A. Stockman

Capitalism is being ruined by government bailouts of Wall St, bankers, automobile companies and at the expense of the shrinking middle class taxpayers. It’s one thing to say “everybody would be getting their just desserts” which is a philosophical view and quite another to say “AIG was safe enough to fail” and to suggest that officials who had been in office for three to five years had a mandate to undo a system love it or hate it with a good 60 years of history behind it.

What do you want him to do? It’s a bit dry. That is how come their balance sheets increased tenfold. Leverage, as the author suggests, is the only viable outcome in the economic game.