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Dark Tide. The Great Boston Molasses Flood of Author: Stephen Puleo. Description; Praise and Reviews; On Our Blog; Video; Reader. Around noon on January 15, , a group of firefighters was playing cards in Boston’s North End when they heard a tremendous crash. It was like roaring. A new th anniversary edition of the only adult book on one of the odder disasters in US history–and the greed, disregard for poor immigrants, and lack.

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However this was not fiction, this really happened in January of and the gush of molasses caused tremendous damage to homes and businesses, as well as the lives of about twenty people.

Thanksgiving weekend seems like such an appropriate time to express my gratitude to all of you for your support, encouragement, and loyalty — and to bring you up to …. Do you think society today is more — or less — sympathetic to big corporations like USIA? But until they were given voice in this book, the characters who drove the story were forgotten. What a fascinating story!

Race, Religion, and the Healy Family, — Why has no one ever told this story before? Did it even happen at all or is it just a clever story to tell the Boston tourists? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Also, the cost of the clean up must have been astronomical — the corporation should have been charged for every penny!

Puleo weaves his story slowly, showing first the conditions around which the molasses tank was xark, its brief history and finally, its tragic failure. The top of the tank can be seen in the top quarter-center of the photo, just below the white building on the harbor. I liked, but not loved, this accessibly written book.

Dark Tide | Stephen PuleoStephen Puleo

About Dark Tide A new th anniversary edition of the only adult book on one of the odder disasters in US history—and the greed, disregard for poor immigrants, and lack of safety standards that led to it.


Discussion Questions What surprised you most about the story of the molasses flood? Having connections tdie the North End helped keep me interested during the descriptions of the legal ramific This book was great – a nonfiction re: Beacon Press September 16, Language: In the ensuing court battle, Big Business was put on notice that it would not be trusted to police construction safety standards itself, it was not above the law, and it would be liable for damages.

Children from the neighborhood came daily with their buckets to collect the leaked molasses for their mothers to use in their cooking. Melodramatic, true, but how can a molasses flood be anything else? I don’t know why I haven’t come up with anything; I enjoyed it quite a bit, and if it’s not still as fresh in my memory as it was Stephen Puleo, Dark Tide: I had heard about the Great Boston Molasses Flood, but this book brings to life the story behind it.

Hair is dead tissue, and while hair becomes white, what is already stepben your head does not. Jun 20, Wanda rated it liked it.

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While the collapse’s aftermath is tragic, the story itself is not exactly gripping. The sections of the book devoted to actually recounting the flood and the trial are the best moments in the book, particularly the snippets of newspaper articles and court transcripts Puleo includes. But his mother was fatally crushed in the collapsing building. On this particular morning a ship loaded with molasses had come up from Puerto Rico following the Gulf Stream and unloaded over a million gallons of warm molasses into the cold molasses.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in Boston history. Now imagine two or three of those.

DARK TIDE: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Feb 06, Kathleen rated it it was ok Shelves: The cleanup lasted months, the lawsuits years, the fearful memories a lifetime. May 26, Danoota rated it liked it. A third firefighter jumped up stepehn his chair to look out a window-“Oh my God!


However, the middle sark is sufficiently concerned to order the tower painted the color of molasses, so the extent of the leaking is not so obvious. We have sold goods at high prices.

Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of by Stephen Puleo

In addition to his strong journalism and historical writing background, Steve has 30 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications, pulel, speech coaching, and marketing. Pages with related products.

Italian immigrants, Puleo explains, formed the crux of antiwar sentiment in America at the time, and the North End became a hotbed of anarchist activity in the years preceding the molasses flood.

It takes an enormous amount of work and study and care and attention to tell a story like this. While this was somewhat melodramatic historical fiction, it was by no means a history in the true sense of the word. I was fascinated with this background information and thought the author did a phenomenal job with dak the stage and tying together so many different aspects of the story. He would soon join two of his children who had perished from influenza last fall. Jan 15, Pre-Order.

What did you think about the way this historic event was presented? A huge part of this book is about showing the world of the mid s and into the twenties, spanning the anarchist and labor movements, World War I, the rise of big business, and prohibition. And you have a recipe for a disaster.

Feb 02, David rated it liked it Shelves: The number of dead wasn’t known for days. See and discover other items: Photo courtesy of Bill Noonan, Boston Fire Department Archives Photo shows scene in the immediate aftermath of the flood, from approximately where the tank stood.